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Best Xiaomi electric scooter alternative since launched in 2017

HX Scooter best seller model, top 5 star scooters on online marketplaces

25 mph electric scooter, larger range, reviewed as Boosted REV alternative

HX brand first electric bike, just as premium quality as HX Electric Scooter

Hi Boy, X8 Is the ONE Holy Grail of Adult Scooters

Works as simple as it looks, stop and go with the roll of your thumb.

X8 Scooter

Best Seller in HX Scooter World!

25 mile range and a 20 mph top speed.

Extend your trips by simply carrying multiple X8 scooter battery, out of juice no longer be a problem.

electric scooter x8
X8 electric scooter
X7 electric scooter

X7 Scooter

Get there sooner and have fun doing it.

One click folding your X7 and carry to a bus, train, streetcar or boat!

Scooting part of your trip, sit and relax for the rest.

X7 scooter
x9 max scooter
x9 pro max scooter

X9 Scooter

A design with guaranteed Quality & Performance from HX Scooter.

Greater range, higher speed, and improved climbing ability.

– Up to 50 Miles Range
– 25 mph Top Speed (Peak 1100W Power)

The best electric scooter for heavy adults.

X10 Scooter

HX’s First Off-Road Scooter.

Dual motor electric scooter for climbing steep hills and greater range.

– 2*1200W Motor
– 60+ Miles Range (
 48V 18.2 Ah Battery)

Best budget off road electric scooter 25 mph.

X10 Scooter
HX Scooter X10

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HX Electric Scooter Reviews

Hidden settings, great scooter.

At full charge, with 190 pounds, it hits 18 mph easily on flat ground, and 22 on a slight downhill. It goes slight to medium grade uphill quite well between 10 and 15 mph. Between 2 and 4 bars of battery, it averages 14- 15 mph for a commute with varying hillyness. 

Cesar U.

Verified Purchase

HX Scooter vs Mi365

Had it for a few months already. Much faster, safer, better handling / looking / designed, and MUCH longer range compared to our Mi365 250w scooter. Rides from Beverly Hills to Hollywood and back – w/ only 2 out of 5 battery bar-indicators used. 

David Groff

Verified Purchase

Excellent quality, purrfect ride, sweet scooter!

Better than everyone’s electric scooter in the neighborhood… Lasts longer goes faster. Boom. Could use a little basket or compartment when I go get the mail. But I shove it down my pants.

Randy Wesley

Verified Purchase

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best foldable electric scooter
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