5 Questions When Buying an Electric Scooter

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying an Electric Scooter

No wonder scooter electrico have taken the world by storm. Not only are they a fun way to zip around your hood, they provide an easy last-mile commute from the bus-stop or train station to your home or office. But rising oil price also speeds shift to electric vehicles such as electric bike, electric scooter or moped scooter.

Over the past few years, HX Scooter brand sold thousands of cool scooters all over the world, 1.1 million pieces portable electric scooter to be exact, start from the most compact backpack scooter X6, world first removable battery scooter X7 PRO, to X8 scooter and HX X9 Plus. Easy fold up and carry it inside for safekeeping, battery is removable for re-charging!

We get asked a lot of questions when scooters importers and customers are purchasing HX E Scooter, so we’d go through the top 5 most asked questions when users are considering buying an HX e-scooter from local retailer or bike shop nearby.

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Q1: What is the best scooter?

Well, we’re going to run through like this, what kind of electric scooter should you buy? and how much should you spend on an electric stand up scooter? And almost more importantly, what are you going to use the e-scooter for?

You target electric scooter get to work and back home faster? If you live or work in a large city, this could mean that you have to carry the foldable scooter on public transportation, in which case you best buy electric scooter that’s relatively small and lightweight, best recommending would be HX X7 PRO and HX X8 Scooter. You don’t need an overly powerful scooter either, unless you’re traveling on a lot of hills and cross lots of range, then long range electric scooter X9 Plus would be the best scooter for adults like you.

Now if you are working on a big campus and you need to get about the campus, or living only few blocks away from home, and it is smooth hard ground, need to fold it up carry upstairs, charge or store it under your office desk, you may target scooter something completely foldable like HX X6 scooter.

If you target electric scooter to explore local rough terrains and surfaces like dirt roads, parks, and even inclines. An off-road electric scooter is a smart investment. These electric-powered off road scooters are suitable for all terrains and take you anywhere, which makes it great for exploring nature or for going hunting.

So, this is quite a general question not really answerable until we’ve got more information from scooters wholesaler or customer. What do you use it for the most and what is your budget, and that way we can really narrow down which scooter it is going to be the best buy.

Q2: Is electric scooter legal in US or UK?

Well, technically yes, it is street legal, you can buy electric foot scooter in the UK, also you can rent scooters in the US, but you can’t ride a privately owned scooter on public properties on roads pavements, you can only use them on private land. You can however rent a scooter from one of the government trials schemes which are across the country. They’re conducting tests at the moment to basically facilitate the integration of E-scooters into the transport network safely, so they’re running these tests collecting data and then once they’ve got that data, they will work out how electric scooters including private scooters will be able to be included. Like E bikes, mopeds, cars.

However, many other countries, you’re allowed to ride folding scooters. They have different rules on motor power, max speed, age of rider etc. Take Germany as an example, European countries often follow Germany in legislation. Their rules are 20 kilometre per hour maximum speed, you have to be 14, a registration plate and insurance. And you have to have lights, like an electric bicycle or electric moped to make it safe, you also need to use bike trails or bike paths, if they are not available, you can go on the road but it’s only as a last resort.

So obviously, all over the world with fairly forward thinking, have vary restrictions on riding electric scooters, we need to focus on safety, a lot of other countries have upped that E-Scooter speed limit 25 kilometers, more like 15 mile per hour.

Q3: Can I ride my HX scooter in the rain?

First of all, from ride and glide, we like to say riding any stand up scooter in the rain is pretty dangerous, so we wouldn’t advise that, but if you do get caught out in wet conditions, then again, it really depends on which foot scooter you’ve purchased.

First, make sure it’s a well-known manufacturer or well-known retailer that telling genuine waterproof rating; Secondly make sure you can get extra grippy tires, also the deck has a good enough grip for your feet; Thirdly a progressive throttle, you don’t want a throttle that immediately goes full power when you put your trigger finger on it, we understand there are people love dual and immediate engagement, but what it does when you’re in wet conditions, it spins both the wheels or a single motor, spins one of the wheels that can also be quite dangerous when it’s wet.

So, if you look at our IP video which we’ve just done on water resistant ratings on X8 electric scooter (X8 Review Video), you can go into a bit more of a deep dive there, but generally speaking if some importers ask us if it is waterproof, you have to look at a few factors firstly, waterproof is a term that isn’t really accurate, water resistant is a much more accurate term on aa electric scooter.

Even it has different IP ratings, IP54 IP55 that type of thing, waterproof would mean no water can get into it in any scenario and that’s just not the case here.

So really when we’re talking about E-scooters, we’re talking about light rain even up to heavy rain. We all know we’re not really submerging it.

waterproof electric scooter

Q4: Can HX electric scooters go uphill?

There are so many variables to consider but it is asked all the time now.

First of all, all electric vehicle manufacturers claim their scooter range and max speed tested on an averagely sized rider, and in common road conditions. Let’s say a 70 kg rider was on a specific scooter like X7 Scooter (X7 PRO Review), that may get them up that hill. Anyhow if you put 110 kg rider on the same scooter on the same hill, it may not. But if you compare two scooters with different motor / torque outputs, the higher watts motor will always deliver more power at any given weight.

Secondly, hill gradient. The steeper the hill, the heavier rider, the harder it is for a scooter to get you up there; Therefore, tougher terrain or heavier riders need a more powerful scooter, bigger motors generally, bigger battery, and now you’ve got a big heavy scooter that will pull you up the hill. But if you still need it to be portable, there’s always a balance.

You can often tell from motor wattage roughly if it’s going be able to go up a hill. Generally speaking, if you have a 250 or 350 watt motor scooter, it’s usually a smaller scooter might be able to take very slight gradients like a xiaomi electric scooter or HX X7 X8 Scooter, but it’s not like no matter what weight you are really get you up a steep hill. So if you move up from sort of 500W scooter (review), they’re getting a bit more powerful and bit steeper hills that they can take.

We would suggest that 800 watts really is the minimum if you want get pulled up hills, rather than make the little scooter work a lot harder. Also having dual motor scooters makes a big difference. If you’re putting all of pressure on one single 350W motor, that is where you’ll get motor failure, controller failure that kind of thing, especially if you’re a heavier person and you’re pushing the scooter to its limit.

they’re bigger scooters got big motors, big batteries, really big frames and they’re built for for that, so they’re super heavy.

Q5: How far can electric scooter travel on one charge?

Does the scooter actually go as it says on the ads?

This is difficult to answer because scooter manufacturers like us, we try to work as honest as we can. We don’t want scooters wholesaler or distributor phoning by saying, well it doesn’t do what you said it did, but when new adult models come out, we are given an amount of information to importer and we have to put major information out, we’ll post estimated speed / estimated range.

When importers want to be the first to have HX Scooters in their store and pre-order them, we often tested HX adult scooters based in warmer climates, smooth ground and average riders at 70kg. We also ride at fairly medium speeds, not full throttle. All of that adds to a probably getting the maximum range you can possibly get and that’s what we will advertise, because I mean who wouldn’t do that.

But in reality we’re not all 70 kilograms, and we don’t have very warm weather here all the time and the ground conditions are anything but smooth in most cases, countless traffic lights stops and goes, so that is going to have a major effect on the range.

Hills are going to have a massive impact on electric scooter range as well, if you live in an area with bad roads, it’s worth looking for adult size scooter with inflatable tires. And cold weather that also has a really debilitating effect on a battery, we’ll say in under 4 degrees, you can quarter your range on an electric vehicle, say it was 50 miles and it would go down to under 15 miles or just over 10 miles sometimes.

More information about HX Electric Scooter, go to our shop www.hxescooter.com

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