Boosted REV vs HX X9 Scooter

boosted rev review

Should I Buy An Electric Scooter?

If you see someone fly by on cool scooters during commute time, you might think that this ride is comfortable, sweat-free way of commuting, actually the best commuting scooter is not hard to get in 2022. The folding electric scooter is a practical and fun eco-friendly methods of short trip transportation.

Portable electric scooter is all about ease of use, versatility and convenience. If you decide to buy a foldable scooter, you need to know how can you get the best quality and budget option in electric scooter world. Take a closer look between Boosted REV and X9 Max Scooter comparison, read on and see if it well worth the high price tag, as they’re definitely not budget electric scooter under $200 or something.

boosted scooter logo

US company Boosted, manufacturer of the most famous Boostedboards, in the world of electric skateboards. Boosted is known as Holly Grail of electric scooter board after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Unveiled their first electric scooter called BoostedRev in May 2019, The Boosted scooter being manufactured in China, considered to be the most powerful e-scooter versus the Ninebot Max.

Boosted boards are, in many respects, the standard by which riders judge other brands. Not only the specs are stunning, also the price – 1599 USD! They have been the pioneers of electric skateboards and gone out of business in early 2020, it was reported that Lime has acquired some of the remaining assets of Boosted. The remaining inventory of skateboards, boasted rev scooters, and related parts was acquired by Boosted USA.

HX KIXIN began with X1 smart hoverboard and certified by UL-2272 in 2013, designed world first backpack scooter X6 with removable battery, followed by X7 PRO electric scooter, X8 Scooter and newest X9 Max in 2021, well known for its all swappable battery design serial scooter. As an ISO9001 certified and BSCI factory, HX Scooter brand were trusted by over 480 e-scooter wholesalers in 110 countries, sold over a million e scooter so far. No surprisingly, you seen HX Electric Scooter everywhere in the marketplace like Walmart, Carrefour, or local scooter/bike shops like CECOTEC.

hx scooter store

Boosted REV & X9 MAX SPECS



HX X9 Max

Top Speed

24 mi/hr (39 km/hr)

25 mi/hr (40 km/hr)


22 miles (35 km)

40-60 miles (67-100 km)


46 lbs (21 kg)

42 lbs (19 kg)

Rider Weight

249 lbs (113 kg)

290 lbs (130 kg)

Tire Size

9.0 inches

10.0 inches

Tire Type




750W*2 Dual Motors

550W, Peak 1100W

Brake Type



Battery (WH)

10Ah / 1500Wh

15.6Ah / 750 Wh

Recharge Time

3 Hours

6 hours





Both Front & Rear

Both Front & Rear

Frame Material

6061-t6 extruded aluminum and forged parts

Aviation-grade aluminum alloy


44.0″ x 24.0″ x 44.8″

48.4″ x 19.7″ x 43.7″

Body & Design

Boosted Scooter

The Boosted Rev scooter is a high-tech fusion of power, sleek and solid, textured aluminum frame with contrasting gray tubing around the deck, making REV looks wider, thicker than other scooter electrico on the market, first look likes an adult scooter of Decathlo Oxelo. Boosted REV frame bars that wrap around the front of the stem and enable to put a U-lock through or something. It weighs 46 pounds, a number so staggering that maybe difficult to carry the Boosted scooters more than a small flight of stairs.

X9 PRO Scooter

The minimalist design of X9 scooter electric is unique, without any exposed wires. Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy welding scooter body, one-piece molding decker, make the ride very sturdy and durable.

X9 Max has no compromise on quality, plus the X9 comes from a scooter factory known as world first removable battery scooter and HX adult scooter sold over 1 million pieces around the world. HX scooter simply feels like it was built to last. With many of HX’s X7 X8 electric scooters still on the street after more than five years, we can see the same being true for X9 scooters.

For a best budget electric scooter 1000W, the X9 scooter battery is removable and can be replaced by the user after the old one dies in 2-3years. The HX X9 Max weight limit is 290 lbs / 130 kg, a bit higher than BoostedREV and Ninebot MAX.

boosted scooters
HX X9 pro scooter

Motor & Speed

Boosted Electric Scooter

Bostedrev is dual motor electric scooter, two dual-drive hub motors combined with its geometry and low center-of-gravity, make this thing a rocket. We all know a scooter with two motors has significantly more torque, provides faster acceleration and enables the vehicle to carry more weight and climb steeper hills.

Boosted Rev electric scooter holds a 750W motor in each wheel , which is particularly useful for climbing hills, that’s how the Boosted packs such a punch, reaching a max speed of 40 km/h, shouldn’t be a problem with its dual wheel drive even on a gradient of 25 degree uphill, and acceleration just 4.1 seconds from 0 to 30 km/h.

HX X9 Scooter

The X9 Max folding electric scooter has two options on motor power, 36V / 48V 550W, the engine delivers impressive peak power at 850W / 1100W, but it also has a smooth throttle response for regular use. X9 Max is rear-wheel drive scooter aiming to be the most durable and affordable city commuter in its price range, max speed set by factory default is 6-15-25 km/h to meet local legal requirements, while users can remove speed limit to 40 km/h, just as fast as Boosted scooter.

X9 can handle 15-degree uphills, offers outstanding power for quick accelerating and climbing as well. If want a dual motor electric scooter to climb steeper hills or ride on off road terrain, HX X10 Scooter would be more suitable model in HX Scooter store.

Battery & Range


It’s bit of surprising when it comes to Boosted scooters battery and range. Boosted electric scooter advertises up to 22 miles, it isn’t terribly surprising given the impressive performance of the elec scooter, massive dual 750 watt motors, and a 1500 watt-hour battery.

In real world tests, the Boosted made about 9 miles when range tested in Expert mode riding in a city with traffic stops and goes, and 12 miles with 1% battery left in Eco mode, few inclines and declines, rapid acceleration at 19 mph speed. We test all scooters on this same track with a 165 lb rider.

HX X9 Scooter

In terms of distance traveling, it’s never been a problem for a 15.6 Ah battery X9 PRO scooter, 48V motor with continuous 750 Wh battery, X9 MAX electric scooter will get you 40 miles daily range on one charge.

Since it is swap battery features enables more than versatility, easily extending range, and maintaining a fleet of escooters, also can facilitate easier charging.

x9 PRO scooter battery

Display & Controls

Both scooters featured a top LED screen that will tracks battery power, speed, riding mode, bright enough to be seen in full sunlight.

The single button of Boosted REV scooter allows you to power the scooter on and off, toggle between modes, and double tap to turn on and off the front lights.

Booster scooter has Bluetooth and support mobile app so riders can see battery life, switch speed modes, turn on / off headlight, or check the trip and odometer of the scooter.

Same here on X9 PRO scooter, Power and Menu button enable users to adjust P-Settings on cruise controlzero-start / kick-start, and speedometer units (mph/kph)release maximum speed or the like. How to access P-settings for finger throttles.

escooter P setting

Brakes & Tires

High power e-scooter needs great brakes, there is a mechanical disc brake and a rear fender stomp brake on Boosted scooters, the throttle wheel is a unique feature of the Boasted rev, it may feels odd and new for first time Booster scooter riders. This roll throttle controls both acceleration and braking, rolling it inward / outward to accelerates the scooter or activates the regenerative brakes, just like the Boosted board if you ever tried their electric skateboard before. Boosted skateboards are known for their strong motor braking and it turns out that the Boosted Rev is no different. This thing can stop on a dime!

The Booster scooter has super-plush ride quality and stability due to wide pneumatic tires 9” (air-filled), low center of gravity, and scooter steering geometry. Even push it hard over jumps or ride it off road on trails ranging from gravel to forest to single track, the Boost scooter will handle it all.

Now onto safety of X9 electric scooter, rear wheel drive offers you a great solution to acceleration, stability, and brake. There are two independent brake systems on scooter X9 Max to ensure safe riding and shorten braking distance, double hand-grip brake system with E-ABS anti-lock electric brake, Rear foot brake.

X9 scooter uses 10 inch vacuum tire, wider wheels than HX serials scooter X6 X7 X8, better shock resistance as well.

boosted electric scooter Throttle
X9 Scooter Throttle

Price & Availability

Price tag of Boosted scooter making it one of the most expensive electric scooters on the market. Whether it worth the price or just another overpriced gadgets really depends on what you can do with the scooter.

$1599 cost will certainly limit its audience, but for anyone that hasn’t immediately scared off, they may be very happy with the Rev scooter.

While X9 scooter is a well built city scooter by one of the biggest scooter manufacturer HX that will certainly be reliable as well, with its price only $699 for Max version of 48V 750Wh, peak 1100W motor output is certainly not as strong as Boosted, but considering X9’s larger range and the same top speed as Boosted rev electric scooter, there might be a never wrong decision either.


In terms of quality, innovation, design, and features, the Boosted scooter is simply an incredible scooter that second to none, such a successful foray into the electric kick scooter market by the world’s top electric board brand.

For such a pricey scooter, the Boosted scooter has to compete on quality over other competitors. And so far it seems hard to tell if the Rev came to win in this highly competitive market.

Boosted rev scooter isn’t for everyone — if you don’t have the budget or you don’t need a serious micro-mobility, look at the other suggested alternatives.

All in all, each of these scooters is fantastic. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, and the decision is definitely subjective. If price is your primary consideration, the X9 scooter price $699 will save you roughly $900, we’ll say the 1000W X9 Max would be best Boosted REV scooter alternative. If you’ve been eyeing a dual motor Boosted REV, the X10 off road electric scooter is as good as it gets. Read our next post reviewing HX X10 dual motor scooter VS Boosted dual motor REV scooter.

Dual motor electric scooter

Boosted REV Scooter Reviews

It’s impressive, expensive and fun! If you want an electric scooter, you should probably get this one—if you can afford it.

I wouldn’t say overpriced, Re V looks fairly well built but at this price maybe front suspension would be nice to have.

At $1,599, it’s a seriously expensive scooter. But with 1500 W of power across two motors that offers higher performance than almost any other scooter on the market, I’ll buy it!

I’m buying this $1,599 Boosted – Rev Electric Scooter in February 2022. Hopefully a 2.0 with a quick swappable battery. The range of the rev turned off many prospect buyers.

I had a test ride on a Boosted rev mods and absolutely loved it – as you say, ahead of its time in many ways, amazing riding experience.

I just started dwelling in the electric scooter world and X9 really fun, waiting for the MAX version,… more range, waterproof this time, and suspension would be nice because the roads are brutal.

So far I’m happy, this is my first scooter, i hope to see more video tutorials in YouTube about fixing/changing tires, brake and breakpads troubleshoot etc.. one of my worries is. Where i can buy battery since it’s removable battery. I can rate this scooter 4 out of 5.

Absolutely love my scooter X9. I use it to get from my apartment to the metro and it makes my commute fun, fast, and easy. Only downsides are that its tires are hard to replace. However, it’s held up to my use and I clocked over 250km on it so I would highly recommend.

Top speed I’ve seen is a steady 23 mph (which is plenty fast for commuting) with the battery over half, closer to 20 mph between 30 to 50% battery. I could not be happier with their customer service!

HX electric scooter shop
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