Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter 

Best Dual Motor Electric Scooter 2022

The electric scooter is compact and efficient and is one of the most popular mobility transportation since the pandemic 2020.

What to look for when buying an electric scooter, people often consider which is safer and easier to ride. Many e-scooter brands offer front wheel drive, the escooter is pulled, on the other hand, rear wheel drive pushes the scooter. On the flat road and solid ground you hardly notice the difference while riding at constant speed, but, if you do have to drive over a bump or hit a hidden pothole, or brake on impact, you will.

First let’s explore the pros and cons of each drive system.

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Front-wheel drive VS Rear-wheel drive electric scooter

Front wheel drive electric scooter (FWD) advantages

FWD is easier for newbies, as there is not much about wheel spin, grip and such. Hit the thumb throttle and the front drive motor will pull you along.

Pros: FWD is the cheapest way to manufacture of all the options. It provides better overall traction and power efficiency than RWD vehicles, typically the most compact and lightweight electric scooter.

Cons: The front-heavy weight distribution of FWD means more prone to understeering, making it difficult to turn corners when going fast speed mode. More challenge to get a good grip on the road surface when climbing up hills, and more prone to tipping over when going downhill. 

Who should ride a front-wheel drive scooter?

Riders who want excellent traction and tight responsiveness at the joystick.

FWD is great for a quick and clean install without interrupting the pedal drivetrain. (X8 electric scooter)

FWD is not so good for braking, this brace is more effective when the body weight is lowered & the front knee is locked. Any amount of acceleration will make the scooter rider lean back, if the front wheel comes out, you go down hard.

X10 Electric Scooter battery

Rear wheel drive electric scooter (RWD) advantages

While your skills improving, FWD will likely start becoming a hindrance more than an aid. Because RWD is more fun to ride due to riding dynamics, more effective at getting motor power on the ground and generally skids a lot less.

Pros: RWD electric scooters are simple to manufacture as the design has been proven itself since the dawn of powered vehicles. RWD is better balanced with weight distribution compared to front-wheel drive, cheaper than two-wheel drive scooter. Motor is placed in the back means better grip for going up inclines and safer down hills with rear brakes, preventing you from flipping over. RWD’s are also great at handling turns and corners and less prone to understeering. 

Cons: RWD’s are easier to oversteer however, compared to the other two options. FWD handle wet and slippery surfaces better than RWD and also less prone to oversteering, you may experience loss of traction with the front wheel. 

Who should ride a rear-wheel drive escooter?

Riders who prioritize stability over maneuverability. Buying a dual-motor electric scooter is often the next step after falling in love with adventurous electric scooter rides.

RWD is great for higher power and maintaining traction, A rear-wheel drive provides more stability and safety by shifting the weight closer to the rear.

RWD is ideal for high power (>1000W motor scooter), perky geared motors, slippery surfaces, sloppy torque arms and regent. (X9 PRO Max Scooter)

It’s worth mentioning that take your finger off the throttle right before a jump, take over again once touched down.

X9 Electric Scooter Review

Single motor vs Dual motor electric scooter

All wheel drive electric scooter advantages

When you’ve been riding for a while and decide you’re not a beginner anymore, you may thinking scootering in new trails and more challenging conditions – like jumping down a curb or hopping over an obstacle, maybe you go to unpaved roads, or even off road.

Pros: AWD provides excellent stability and traction for fast accelerations and handling wet and slippery surfaces, because you have dual motors in the front and rear. AWD vehicle is the best option at handling turns, corners, and going up and down hills. (off road electric scooter)

Cons: More expensive to manufacture and the heaviest due to the two motors and usually bigger battery comes with it.

Who should ride a dual motor electric scooter?

When you’re finding yourself outgrowing a regular single-motor scooter and seeking more power, longer range while more stability and thrill speed at the same time. A dual motor e scooter would be perfect to get the rush of power and speed.

X9 Pro Folding Electric Scooter

What features to make a dual motor scooter the best?

When you’re finding yourself outgrowing a regular single-motor scooter and seeking more power, longer range while more stability and thrill speed at the same time.

Voltage, Watts, Peak Power, Ampere Hour and Watt-Hours…What Do They All Mean?

Before we dive into e-scooter industry’s top dual-motor models, let’s explain what these terms mean for an electric scooter’s power capacity.

Voltage (V): Affects motor torque. Higher Voltage = Higher Power = Faster acceleration.

Watts (W): Power output of the motors. Higher Watts = Higher speed.

Watt-Hours (Wh): Battery capacity (i.e. the amount of energy it can be charged or discharged). Higher Watt-Hours = Greater mileage.

Peak Power: Maximum power that a motor can generate for short periods before overheating. Higher Peak Power = Higher top speed.

Ampere Hour (Ah): Unit of electric charge and refers to the discharge time that a battery can continuously output. Higher Ah = Higher Ring Distance / Range.

The best performance electric scooters come equipped with dual motors, more power and longer range.

What does dual motor mean on an off-road e-scooter?

With a dual motor scooter, you can easily move around the city and travel long distances at a higher speed and faster acceleration. The two motor electric scooter is a better alternative to public transport because of its excellent performance on any type of road. What’s more, a twin engine scooter also allows safe driving on a dirt track and climbing slopes of 10 to 30 degrees. On a steep incline you can drive up to 25 km/h, which is not possible on an e-scooter with single motor, ideal for mountainous regions.

A dual motor e-scooter allows you to experience great emotions on a descent. You can also overcome obstacles with ease and climb inclines without losing speed. offroad escooter review

Best dual motor electric scooter – X10

– the high-quality and innovative off road e-scooter with double motor.

Made by HX Scooter, X10 dual motor electric scooter has good maneuverability. You can use it to go shopping or to commute to work. Its plate is wide enough to accommodate your feet. In addition, it has a hook on the handlebars, so you can add a pocket to carry your documents, laptop or groceries. The 1000w dual motor scooter is equipped with a kickstand that makes it easy to park in the city. X7 / X8 / X9 scooter comparison

Distinctive wishbones

The first thing this 1000w dual motor scooter catches the eye are the distinctive designs that how the X10 scooter connects the wheels to the frame body. These suspension arms are supported by dual hydraulic shock absorbers for added comfort. And integrated wiring with no exposed wire, means preventing cables from aging, leakage and damage.

2400W dual motors

X10 off road electric scooter equipped with double 1200W motors, these offer a nominal total power of 2400W. The 2400W output power is fed by 2 x 25A speed controllers with massive heatsinks to dissipate the heat as efficiently as possible and the optimal performance of the e-Scooters maintained at all times.

One other feature that HX X10 motor is that rider can switch electric scooter drive mode between dual motor and single motor( X10 scooter P Setting ).

18.2AH battery

X10 dual motor scooter contains a highly desirable lithium battery which is superior to traditional lithium cells and offers approximately 10% more range/battery life and number of life cycles. X10 electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h and has an optimal range of 90 km on a single charge.

Dual Motor Electric Scooterdual motor off road scooter
Full suspension Electric scooter

Single / Dual motor drive mode

X10 scooter allows the driver to switch between 3 modes; Front Wheel Drive mode, Rear Wheel Drive and Dual Motor Drive mode, the driver can extend the range of the scooter in single motor drive mode compared to dual motor turbo mode.

Removable battery design

Quick swap X10 scooter battery is easy to remove and recharge, so you don’t have to push your X10 to find a socket.

11 inch semi off road tires

The high-quality 11-inch air tires offer better grip and ensure a controlled ride on rough terrain.

Hydraulic suspension front and rear

With front and rear hydraulic suspension, this scooter easily handles the bumpiest of roads and has fantastic handling for a stable ride.

Lightweight and foldable

Weighing just 35kg, the X10 off road scooter is also foldable for easy storage and transport.

X10 scooter battery

Is X10 dual motor electric scooter worth buying?

Whether or not you decide to purchase the HX X10 is up to you, but it’s worth your consideration. X10 scooter is the lightest dual motor electric scooter than most of other powerful two motor e-scooters.

X10 also convinces with an impressive top speed, smooth acceleration and sufficient range. Appealing to both entry-level and more mature drivers who simply enjoy the convenience and eco-friendly nature of PEVs. This is the most powerful electric scooter by HX scooter store in 2022, offers a lot of value with its good performance and fun for commuting.

X10 dual motor electric scooter price at $1,299, it’s still excellent value for money – with off road using and all wheel drive system in its construction.

Want a scooter backpack? check our the world most compact electric scooter – HX X6.

X10 Off Road Electric Scooter

X10 Electric Scooter

  • 2400W Dual motor
  • Fast speed to 32 Mph / 50 kph
  • Top Range 60+ Miles / 100 km

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