Electric Scooter Q&A

Electric Scooters Ultimate Guide

Online shopping is a great way to buy cool electric scooters, there are also plenty of HX e scooter retailers all over the world. Or you could just shop directly from a factory store www.hxescooter.com for lower prices.

Type and search “Hx E –Scooter” on the App Store or Google Play. Developed by SHENZHEN DAYSTAR CONNECT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

*Please note all HX Scooter oversea stock DONOT support APP, mobile APP function only available when customer request for wholesale orders.

Yes, HX electric scooters can go uphill. But the speed will likely be reduced greatly depending on rider’s weight. We recommend not attempting to climb long distances above a 5% grade, and to avoid anything above a 10% grade to prevent damage or burn out the motor. Buy the most powerful HX Scooter X9 at peak 48V 850W motor.

HX scooters support two way charging: Connect the charger port to your HX scooter directly, or swap out the battery and charge it separately. HX KIXIN manufactures 4 models electric scooter with detachable battery (X6 / X7 / X8 / X9 plus).

Cons of removable batteries:

  • More convenient to charge a scooter, no need to be placed entire unit near an electrical outlet.
  • Extend your trips by simply carry multiple batteries, greatly increase the range of the scooter.
  • Theft protection, remove your battery! since it’s removable.

HX E-scooters be ridden in bike lanes and private land.

Yes, when your HX scooter battery dies or motor fails, this portable electric scooter can be safely ridden as a manual kick scooter. Just note the higher ground clearance and the weight of the motor make it not as easy as the common kick scooters, but it’s practical.

As with any electronics technology, electric scooters are getting more reliable over time if you know how to choose the best electric scooter, which suit your needs on quality, motor power & hill climb ability, battery capacity & max range, speed.

HX e-scooter are the most reliable electric scooters manufacturer trusted by over 100 major scooter brands including TurboAnt, Hover 1, CECOTEC, Slidgo, also our X8 scooter rated the 5 star electric scooter on amazon.

You should never let your HX e-scooter battery fully discharged. Plugging in your charger when your e scooter battery is at 30%. Whenever you store an electric scooter for a long period, make sure the battery stay at least 40-50% .

Yes, HX scooters rated a IP54 waterproof grade, means the HX e scooter can endure light rain for short period of time. Riding through puddles up to 3 inches will be safe given the fact that HX scooter battery and core electronics are both located above the wheel of the scooter (except X9 plus scooter), versus most other branded scooters install their battery under the floorboard.

*Please aware HX electric scooter is not waterproof, the owner should take care to protect it from damaging water, like any other electronics products.

Technically speaking, yes. For safety reasons, it’s better to not ride a HX e-scooter on snow ground. And low temperature may affect your battery performance when ride on scooter in the winter.

Many airlines strictly prohibit flying with a electric scooters or battery. Some only allow under 160 Watt-hours. The HX X7 battery is 230 Watt Hours, and the HX X8 battery is 374 Watt Hours.

Relax, as these electric scooter things are very safe, easy, and fun to ride, learning how to ride usually happens in minutes!
Just turn on the HX e scooter, start with eco (slow speed) mode, holding handlebars, press the thumb throttle and kick off to start.
Congratulations, you are now riding your electric scooter!

Not only can you ride HX scooters at night, but the empty street seems a blast to glide through. Almost all HX electric scooters equiped with both headlights and taillights. Wear a reflective jacket or a vest can also be a good choice to scooter safely.

HX E-Scooters isn’t electric scooter for kids, scooter riders must be at least 16.

HX are excellent scooter for adult to commute. Fast, efficient, fun to ride, they are the best car alternative for short trips up to 8 miles / 13km. HX X7 X8 scooter is our best selling adult models so far.

Current law that riders need to wear a helmet if they are under 18 years of age when operating or riding on a scooter or moped — no requires for adults riding e-scooters. Anyhow we all know helmets provide critical protection for riders.

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