FAQ Electric Scooter Battery

Why electric scooter with removable battery?

Flexibility: All HX electric scooters are featured with quick swap battery design. So the scooter battery can be charged with or without the scooter. Super convenience when not lugging your E-scooter around searching for public charging station.

Extended Range: Apart from the flexibility in increasing your scooter range by packing an additional battery, another major benefit is prolonging the life of your electric scooter by switching a new battery. 

User-Friendly: Most folding electric scooters have built-in non removable batteries, making replacement much more complicated and costly, or not possible to Do-It-Yourself.  Being able to purchase a battery separately is a major benefit of owning an electric scooter with removable battery

two way charging

Battery is Not Charging

My HX electric scooter battery won’t hold a charge.
Range is lower than expected.
Battery weak / dead overnight after the scooter sits for a while.

Note: Electric scooter batteries are consumable components. It means that with constant usage, they will lose capacity and efficiency to hold charge. And low temperature will remarkably increase the internal resistance and lower the battery capacity. If your lithium battery does not have the same range as it did, it does not necessarily mean it is defective or damaged, but it may be old enough to be replaced.

  • To fix a dead battery, you may first start with scooter charger, poor connection or defective adapter may cause this issue.
  • If the charger indicator is working and connection is tight and fine, simply charge it for entire required duration like 3-4 hours see if it’ll fix the problem.
  • If it takes forever to fully recharge the battery or it’s less than 10 minutes and the charger turns to green, then your battery may be in poor condition.
  • Solution: Exchange a new battery replacement from your seller or return the defective battery for factory service and repair.

Remark: HX Scooter is one of the few cool scooters brands that makes changing the battery easy and possible to Do-It-Yourself.

Beauty of removable battery

Pop out & charge it separately

Battery & Charging Safety Tips:

Do not continue to use the battery when the following conditions occur:

The battery of the electric scooter should be used only with local law. Only for professionals to disassemble and maintain the battery.

Excessive heat; leak any substance; do not touch anything leaking from the battery.

Do not let children and animals touch the battery. Must unplug the charger before installing the battery or riding.

In the case of charging, it is very dangerous to do anything related to electric vehicles.

If you want the electric scooter to run most efficiently, the battery must be charged and used within the temperature range indicated in the battery specifications.

Lithium batteries are considered dangerous and require local law to allow transportation.

The battery contains dangerous substances. Pl ease do not open the battery. Do not insert anything into the battery.

It is forbidden to charge a lithium battery that has been over-discharged. A battery that has been over – discharged has a safety hazard and can only be scrapped.

Tip: When the internal temperature of the battery exceeds 45°C, the battery is protected.

Do not charge the battery at high temperature (45°C) or Charge the battery in a high temperature (40°C) environment.

Only use the original charging equipment t o charge the electric scooter.

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