FAQ Electric Scooter Motors

Motor & Controller Failures

Without warning, the motor cuts off and the HX scooter turns on but not move or respond to throttle.

First check if the kill switch is on, it’s safety protection from a sudden start.

Other possible reason is the battery low power or loose connection, and solution for this condition is to recharge your Escooter see if the problem solved.

Controller issues may cause this situation as well, all electrical components and wires are connected to this board in your electric scooter, including motor, even the HX motor is one of the most stable and durable components of a HX electric scooter, it’s difficult but not impossible to fail.

Further troubleshooting methods for motor problems, please email support@hxescooter.com to open a support ticket. In order to expedite the process, please provide the following information:

Contact Information
Original HX Scooter Order #
Scooter Model and Purchase Year
Description of Problem (attach pictures and videos if possible)

Remove & Exchange Motor

Remove & Exchange Controller

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