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HX Electric Scooter Tires

Our HX X7 and X8 scooters in overseas warehouse come with standard inflatable tires, HX X9 Plus and X9 PRO MAX come with tubeless tires. And we don’t recommend one over the other, but both of them have its own advantages as rider’s preference. (HX Scooter SPECS)


The most common inflatable tires found on city electric scooters and ebikes, they use an inner tube to inflate air pressure inside the tire. The common issue with pneumatic tires is in dealing with punctures, as it’ll require riders to remove the wheel / tire and replace the inner tube (or patch it) in order to resolve the problem of flat tubes.

The benefit is the more comfortable on riding experience than the solid rubber tires. Due to the heavy outer “shell,” you don’t have to replace the whole tire if the puncture point is relatively small. You can just inflate inner tubes with a standard bicycle pump.


Tubeless vacuum tires provide the same shock absorption as pneumatic tires, this is the style of pneumatic tire used on cars. They lack the inner tube but have strong, reinforced and air-filled vacuum seal around the rim to hole the air, with the added benefit that they can be easier to maintain (provided you have the right tools).

Even tubeless tires are more durable, but puncture will inevitably happen over a long enough time ride on an electric scooter, it can usually be repaired by using tire slime or other tire sealants to stop the leak. However, to re-inflate the tire and properly set the bead of the tire around the rim, you will need a high pressure air compressor, usually only found in bike shops.

Tyre Punctures

When a HX electric scooter tire ends up a puncture, which will inevitably happen over a long enough riding time, it can usually be repaired without replacing the entire wheel or tire. 

If you have to replace the tire for your HX scooter, firstly need to order a replacement tyre and bring it to a local bike shop that is equipped with the needed tools to handle the repair problems.

If you would like to try to put the new tire by yourself, you’ll first need to either remove the front motor or rear wheel. You can follow our video instructions here:

Remove Rear Wheel

Change Tire

Install Rear Wheel

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