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X8 Electric Scooter Guide

The HX X8 electric scooter, is essentially the X7 PRO folding electric scooter upgraded with a larger battery that offers an extended range. This escooter can reach speeds of 18 Mph with a longer range of approximately 20-25 Miles depending on rider weight, power level, and riding terrain. It is lightweight and foldable, so you can take it away with you on weekends or store it under your desk at work.

How to Remove X8 Scooter Battery

The HX X7 Pro and X8 electric scooters are unique in design as the battery is removable. The advantage of removable battery scooter is that you can easily double the travel distance by having a spare battery, and the convenience to charge the scooter battery with the scooter or not. Means no longer have to carry the whole scooter upstairs to charge, simply remove the battery and charge it under your office desk.

Removing and replacing the battery is very quick and no tools are required.

how to install X8 scooter battery

Pull the battery lock on the top

how to remove X8 battery

Lift up the battery from the bottom

how to replace X8 scooter battery

After lifting the battery up, then slide out parallel to the stem. If you look at the X8F Battery, it got these little grooves to fit into the scooter.

how to install X8 battery

When you try to install the X8 scooter battery, push it down, there is an audible click to indicate it’s held securely on the stem.

How to Charge X8 Pro Electric Scooter

Charging step:
Connect the charger t o the AC power first, then connect it to the battery when the green indicator light is normally on.

Charging method:
● Open the charging port cover, Make sure the charging port is clean and dry.
● Connect the charger with the battery and the other end with power(100V-240V;50/60Hz), make sure the charging indicator is on.
● When the charger indicator is red, it will charge normally. Otherwise, please check if the plug is connected properly.
● When the charger indicator is green, charging is complete.

X8 Pro Electric Scooter

Basic version of X8 electric scooter cost at $459 (10inch) – Discount Code: HX20

Most folding electric scooters can reach speeds of 15 mph / 25 kmh (EU standard). And X8 folding electric scooter is capable of speeds up to top 18mph.
We tested the Scooter X8 rated speeds base on a rider weight 170 lbs rider on a flat, paved surface.  

Electric Scooter X8 use a 350 Watts brushless motor, peak 700W.

X8 scooter battery is 10.4AH by factory default in our oversea warehouse.

HX X8 electric scooter with 10Ah battery could go 20 miles (32km) w/ Eco mode.

*Top range can be vary depending on rider’s weight, riding speed, tempreture and road condition. Stop-and-go city cruising can reduce the range as well, especially when riding the escooter at top speeds.

Search “HX E-scooter” in APPLE store or Google Play, develped by SHENZHEN KIXIN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD

*Please note all HX scooters overseas stock DON NOT support mobile APP, X8 scooter app only available when customer request for bulk order.

Yes, the HX Electric Scooter factory store support buying a back up swappable battery separately. You can purchase them directly from our website.
* Please note the original HX X8 Scooter (Ship from Germany & USA) is only come with the 10aH removable battery.

 The extra battery costs for electric scooter X8 is about $299.

X8 electric scooter loading capacity is 250lbs (120kg).

We’d recommend the X9 Scooter for larger riders since it has a more powerful motor (peak 800W) and bigger battery for extended range.
We do have plenty of riders are above that limit and the only concern would be a slightly reduced speed / range, and less acceleration going up inclines. 

A brand new HX X8 scooter battery lasts about 2-3 years or between 800-1000 charging cycles.

Our X8 PRO electric scooter can be fully charged in 2-4 hours via 36V 2A charger.

Yes, you can charge your hero X8 scooter at home, process is incredibly simple since HX scooters are come with easy removable battery, it can be charged anywhere.

If you are looking for the best electric scooter under $500, then choose X7 & X8 scooter. If you need a scooter that can go the distance and maximum loading capacity, HX X9 Plus scooter is best adult size scooter holding weight over 330lbs (150kg)

Advantages of swappable battery packs that can be charged separately without the scooter X8, it contains a standard charging port on the case of the battery.
X8 Scooter battery packs weigh 5.2 lbs (2.4kg), light enough to be carried in an average size backpack

Basically they are the same motor and frame like Hero X8 Scooter. The badge on the footplate or the color of the grip or throttle sleeve may differ, but the Kixin X8 scooter produced by the same manufacturer HX KIXIN.

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