FAQ X9 Plus Scooter

X9 plus scooter

With the same build quality as with the HX X6, X7 PRO, and X8 folding electric scooter, the world largest e scooter manufacturers Kixin Electronics (HX) has now released the HX X9 2021. Aimed at riders are looking for greater range, a higher top speed, and improved climbing ability like single motor version of Boosted Rev Electric Scooter, but with the usual HX removable battery design.

How to Replace Electric Scooter Battery

scooter battery cover

Unscrew the scooter pedal cover

change scooter battery

Lift the battery cover from the rear wheel side

replace scooter battery

Unplug the battery charging connector and power plug of the controller

change scooter battery

Life the battery pack and remove the battery

How to Remove X9 E Scooter Speed Limit

Note: HX is the one escooter factory behind various famous scooter brands around the world, some importers or distributors OEM to customized their X9 max speed program or APP function to meet local street laws.

If you could not release maximum speed according to below video instructions, and you still want to ride X9 plus scooter at 40kmh, it can be done, just get a replacement X9 scooter controller and display kit, and replace it by yourself, please check tutorial video HOW TO REPLACE X9 CONTROLLER & DISPLAY (Click).

P0 km/miles per hour setting
0 kph / 1 mph
 P3 Wheel Size Selector (don’t adjust)
85 8.5″ wheels
10 10″ wheels
P1 Cruise Control Setting
0 off / 1 on
 P4  Speed limit setting
FF: Full-Function, max 40kmh;25mph
25: 25km/h, 15.5mph
20: 20km/h, 13mph

P2 Kick Start Setting, (don’t change)
0 off / 1 on

 Save Settings: Hold Menu and Power buttons together until 00 is displayed.

HX X9 Electric Scooter P Setting

The HX X9 Scooter parameter P4 is hidden, which is different from other HX adult scooters X7 Pro, X8 setting method (Video).

  1. Press & Hold Power & Function key together to enter the menu setting, and the screen displays “P0”
  2. Press Function key to switch to the P1 setting item;
  3. After holding the brake lever, long press the Function button for 2 seconds to enter P4, then release your hand;
  4. Press the Power button to enter the P4 setting item;
  5. Press the Function key to set the required P4 value, the specific values are shown in the previous section; (FF unlimited speed, the second gear speed is 20km/h; when the third gear speed is adjusted to the speed limit 20/25km/h, the second gear speed limit is 15km/h)
  6. Press the Power and Function button to save & exit the P settings

X9 Electric Scooter Guide

$649 – X9 Plus scooter 10inch. X9 Max $699. HX X9 electric scooter is our latest model in 2021, 36V 500W / 48V 550W, peak 850W / 1100W output. 

All foldable electric scooters are limited top speeds at 15 mph / 25 kmh (EU standard). And HX e scooter X9 is a 25mph electric scooter, same 40 km/h as X10 Dual motor off-road scooter.

HX X9 Plus scooter use a 500W powerful motor, scooter X9 levels up peak 850Watts output. X9 PRO MAX 550W, and peak 1100W.

HX electric scooter X9 Plus battery is 36V 15.6aH by default in our oversea Germany & USA warehouse. And X9 Max 48V 15.6Ah is available soon.

Yes, You can buy HX X9 Scooter battery in HX store (X9 battery).
* Please note the original X9 PLUS Scooter come with 15.6Ah battery, from HX factory you could choose 20.8Ah for a longer range.

Electric kickboard HX X9 built with 15.6Ah battery could go 37 miles (60km) w/ Eco mode. X9 MAX 48V Scooter top mileage to 50+Miles (90 km). 
* Eco Scooter top range can be vary with rider’s weight, riding speed, temperature and road condition.

Search and download “HX E-scooter” in APP Store or Google Play.

*Please note all HX electric scooter overseas stock DON NOT support mobile APP, X9 scooter app only available when customer request for bulk order.

X9 e scooter net weight is 39lbs(18kg), X9 Plus scooter weight limit is 330lbs (150kg). X9 Plus is the best escooter for heavy adults.

The Best cheap electric scooters you can buy from HX scooter store is X7 PRO, X8 PRO, both under $500.

Click our instruction video in X9 scooter P4 setting.

Please note: In the e-scooter P setting video, X9 scooter factory default speed is 6-15-25km/h, remove speed limits to 40kmh. If your scooter X9 Plus is already 6-20-40km/h, then can not be released faster than that.

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