How to Make HX Electric Scooter Faster?

Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter X7/X8/X9

X8 PRO Electric Scooter

Can I make my electric scooter faster? - X7 X8 X9

Foldable electric scooter is a fun, convenient, and generally safe mode of recreation and commuting due to its low-top speed electric vehicle feature.

Anyhow, most of us who buy the best electric scooter surely love the thrill of speed. But after riding an electric scooter for adults, you will quickly notice that 20-25 km/h is quite sluggish and start thinking – how can we get more speed out of your scooter? X10 Scooter P Setting

But the question is – CAN I make my electric scooter bike faster? The topic of speeding up your escooter is more likely to come to “can your E-scooter go faster” – and that depends on the existing model you have and the battery voltage & motor power.

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Risks of modifying electric scooter to go faster

First, what is an electric scooter speed limiter and why? It’s important to understand that the speed limiter on the controller from your local bike shop is there for a reason – it not only relates to max speeds, but it controls overall performance as well. And removing speed limit on your adult electric scooter may be illegal in some states. Check the local laws before doing this to see the maximum speed allowed. According to the street legal basis in both Germany and UK, both the power and the speed are prescribed. If you change something (speed), you are illegally on the street.

If you are aware of the street law problems and safety risks that you’re facing after releasing the maximum speed, and you still want to make such modifications to your e-scooter, then read on.

remove speed limiter

Technical possibilities to release top speed

Making your electric scooter bike go faster can be done via throttle setting or uploading firmware. But which of scooters secret menu is quicker and more achievable all by yourself (without technical repairman involved)? As for sure, when it comes to batteries and controller cable connections, some escooters may require a ton of “geek” or expertise in electronics. In this short post, we will only look at the specific way offered by HX E Scooter manufacturer “how to get more speed and power from X7 pro folding electric scooter, X8 and X9 scooters”.

How to increase top speed of electric scooter - X7 X8 Pro

HX X8 or X7 Pro electric scooter manual covers all needed instructions to operate and maintain HX e-scooter. However, there may be occasions when you want to release the maximum speed of your X7 Pro / X8 Electric Scooter. This can be easily achieved through the P-Settings Menu.

  1. Turn on your X7/X8 & Hold the Power & Menu buttons together until P0 is displayed.
  2. Press the Menu button to toggle through the options and select the desired P4 category (P1, P2, P3, P4) by pressing the Power button.
  3. Enter the P4 menu settings. Press the Menu button to cycle through ’20’, ’25’, and ‘FF’.
  4. Choose the letters FF, press the Power Button to confirm and exit P4.
  5. Hold the Menu and Power buttons together until 00 is displayed to save the settings.

Setting Value:
’20’ = Max speed of 20kmh
’25’ = Max speed of 25kmh
‘FF’ = ‘Full-Function’ = Mpeed limiter completely removed (32kph/20mph).

Check below videos how to adjust the speed display setting on folding electric scooter X7 Pro /X8/X9 PRO Max.

Learn how to set Single / Dual motor drive on X10 P setting Guide.

From HX electric scooter factory, max speed of the X7 / X8 Pro scooter is limited to 15.5mph (25kph) by default. On some X7 X8 scooters, the P4 setting is completely hidden/disabled by local importers and distributors. Therefore, scooter max speed may non-adjustable via scooters secret menu. If you still want to release the X7/X8 Pro electric scooter to 32kph (20mph), get a variable speed kit for X7 X8 scooter from HX Scooter Store.

How to make X7/X8 scooter faster

How to release X9 scooter to 25 mph

How to remove speed limiter on electric scooter - X9

The HX X9 Scooter P4 setting is hidden, which is different from other HX adult scooter model settings.

  1. Press the Power & Function key at the same time to enter the menu setting, and the screen displays “P0”;
  2. To access the P1 setting item, press the Function key;
  3. After holding the brake lever, press and hold the Function button for 2 seconds to enter P4 to release the brake lever;
  4. Press the Power button to enter the P4 setting item;
  5. Press the Function key to set the required P4 value. The specific values are shown in the previous section; (FF – unlimited full speed, 20 – 20km/h, 25 – 25km/h);
  6. Press the Power and Function button at the same time to save & exit the P menu settings.

The below video instruction shows how to release a 25 mph electric scooter X9 goes to 40kmh(25mph).

Not all X9 scooters’ top speed are adjustable. As electric scooter wholesale / distributor customize their speed program to meet local laws by blocking the P4 settings. Anyhow, you can still ride the X9 Plus/Max Scooter at 25 mph by getting a X9 scooter variable speed kit replacement in HX Store.

Where to buy electric scooter speed controller?

X7 X8 Pro scooter controller kit

Remove speed limit on X7 PRO Electric Scooter

X9 Plus Max scooter controller kit

Remove speed limit on X9 Electric Scooter

I have troubles on e-scooter X7/X8/X9, whom do I ask?

We have detailed FAQ by scooter model which covered various aspects of the HX X7/X8/X9 /Pro/Plus/Max electric scooter. However, if one of your doubts still goes unsolved, please submit a ticket to, and one of our customer service representatives will be with you shortly.

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