HX X9 Scooter Review

Ultimate Guide to X9 Electric Scooter

HX Store sent this scooter out to me, so I could do an overview video providing reviews on HX X9 Scooter.

So, today I’ll show you the X9 up close, go over all the specs, riding experience with power performance, everything you need to know if you’re considering buying the HX X9 Scooter. They offer a variety of different adult scooters in their shop. I’ll link to the HX scooter store below, also a direct link to the X9 E scooter for you, so you can check it out easily.

HX X9 Scooter Review

HX X9 Plus & X9 Max Scooter

So this is the X9 scooter from HX electric scooters. The first thing is that HX X9 comes in two different versions. X9 Plus which is a 36 Volt 500 watt motor that peaks at 800 watts, or you can get the X9 Max scooter which is 550 watt rear hub motor 48 Volt battery pack and it peaks at 1,100 watts. And that’s the model you’re looking at, 48V X9 MAX. So everything I cover in this video is going to be the PRO max version. Really, I mean there’s only like 40 dollars difference between the two X9 models. The Plus sells for like $659 and Max was $699 on the website. So for 40 dollars, I gotta believe that the performance difference is gonna be worth the money. Not sure why you wouldn’t just get the Max, but that’s what we tested for the video today.

HX X9 Scooter Unboxing
X9 Electric Scooter Review

Unboxing & Assembly

As far as the arrival and the setup on the HX X9 Pro Max. There’s really not a whole lot to do. I’m not going to bore you with an unboxing video. I can tell you that it arrived undamaged packaged very well, and the only thing to do is to put on the handlebars. Once you put in the six little screws that hold the handlebars in place, you’re pretty much done. Peel the sticker off the screen and take it for a ride.

About HX Scooter

So let me give you a little bit closer view here. One thing you might notice: there’s no branding of any kind on the HX X9 scooter. There’s no logos, stickers, no decals, no names, there’s nothing. I did ask HX Store about that, they said since they are a factory direct store, the manufacturer of all the X series scooters. It means whenever you Google X electric scooter, you see scooters by various brands called the X7 X8 X9 X6, they’re the manufacturer behind all of these famous scooter brands. They OEM for these electric scooter importers and wholesalers, send out to other brands to distribute. So they didn’t put any HX logos on scooters when you buy from HX scooter shop. They’ve made a lot of these, sold over a million electric scooters on the global market, and they’re known as the first removable battery electric scooter.

One Decent Scooter manufacturer

Electric Scooter with Removable Battery

X9 scooter battery is removable right here. With these two bolt screws, you twist and open up the deck, pull the battery out, unplug it and remove it, and take it inside to charge if you want, which is a great feature to have on an electric scooter with removable battery. The removable battery scooter makes charging and maintenance easier and also ensures a longer range with extra battery pack.

11 inch City Road Scooter

Let’s start by going through this scooter ride experience. As we go along, the tires are 10* 2.7, so they’re kinda fat tire electric scooter, little bit wider than you normally see on a scooter. They refer to X9 as the SUV of scooters. They are noticeably wider like 2cm, but you do notice it makes the X9 Max look a little bit cooler.

X9 Pro Max Scooter uses air-filled vacuum tires, which are the only suspension on the scooter. It’s just sealed air in the tubeless tires like a car, so you’re going to feel the bumps off-road. This is definitely a pavement scooter. If you’re not going to off-road scooter, don’t buy this for off-roading. I did take it on some grass and gravel, technically off-road areas. I did get a little bit muddy, didn’t get too crazy with it, but you really feel the bumps, it really shakes the heck out of your hands when riding off of the pavement. So X9 PRO scooter is definitely an on-road scooter. Just keep that in mind if you’re looking at X9.

X9 Plus Electric Scooter Tire
X9 PRO MAX Scooter Charging

Triple Brake System

It does have fenders front and rear, and a back fender you can step on. It functions kind of like a foot brake as well. Other than that, you do have dual disc brakes. 140 millimeter disc on HX X9, Coreride on the brake caliper. I’m not familiar with that brand, but you’ve got disc brakes front and back cable actuated. They’re not hydraulic, so X9 scooter got a triple braking system. You can use the hand brakes or step on the rear fender to help bring yourself to a stop. In my ride experience with the X9 PRO, I was pleased with the brakes. They’re not as strong as hydraulic brakes of course, but they did well. They did exactly what they’re supposed to do, didn’t pulse squealy and noisy or excessively loud, or drag or anything like that. I was happy with the brakes on it.

X9 PRO Max Scooter Portability

X9 electric scooter is foldable, the handlebar stem folds down right here, folding mechanism. You’ve got this little silver tab, just slide that up and then release this lever, and the handlebars will come right down to this little hook, which will click underneath the fender. You just push the fender down a little bit slides under, and you can carry this E-scooter. It’s not crazy heavy, it’s not crazy light though. On my scale, it weighed 52.8 pounds. So it’s a manageable weight if you need to load into a truck or car. I don’t think you would have a really big issue doing that.

X9 Pro Electric Scooter Weight
X9 PRO electric Scooter Handlebar

X9 Electric Scooters Handlebar

Let’s just lift this back up on the handlebars here. You can see the rubber grips with the palm rest. They felt nice. They do have a cap at the end, so you could pull that out, maybe put in a bar end mirror if you want. As to brake levers, front brake, thumb throttle accelerator on your right hand. Rear brake on your left and an integrated bell right there. LED display screen, if we tap the power button, you’ll see that display screen tells just the basics. It shows the MPH or KPH, battery indicator showing how much battery life left. And then the speed mode that you’re in. You can see that little red dot, which means in Sport mode. If you push the Menu key there, it’ll get rid of it, now you’re in basically ECO mode, where it won’t go very fast. Punch the Menu again, you are in Comfort mode. I don’t know how fast that goes exactly. I kept it in Turbo Sports mode the entire time, that’s how I like to ride.

X9 E Scooter P Setting

There’s a couple of throttle settings you can change. I’m going to show you how to do it. You just hold the Menu and Power key at the same time for a few seconds, and it goes into the X9 Electric Scooter P settings.

Starting at P0, the Menu key is how you toggle through, takes you to P1 P2, back to zero. The Power key is how you select and go into that setting to make changes. So P0 is for X9 scootering in MPH or KPH.

If we use the menu to toggle to P1, which is the setting for Cruise Control, it’s just 1/0, you flip it flop back and forth.

There’s one more setting P2, a setting that allows Zero Start. It’ll go instantly if I push the thumb power button. I have it set to 0, that means every time I hit the throttle, the scooter is going to take off. If you change it to 1, then you have to Kick Start the scooter and get it rolling before the throttle becomes active. So it comes to you set that way as a default, it’s a safety thing they want you to know. Push to get the scooter rolling before you hit the throttle just for safety. I always take it off. I like having the throttle active all the time. I don’t want any delay whenever I push the throttle. There’s another reason I do that as well. Like, so if I come to a stop sign and I come to a complete stop without putting my feet down. I like to be able to just hit the throttle and take off again, not have to put my foot down and kick the scooter going. So it’s your choice, it’s just great that they allow you to make those changes here.

X9 Scooter Secret Menu
X9 Scooter P Setting

So let’s toggle through one other setting (P4), that you can remove speed limit on the X9 maximum speed. It’s the P4 setting, it’s a little bit trickier and the manual is on HX website. So you toggle to setting P1, hold the brake and then hold the Mode key for a few seconds. Then it’ll jump into the P4 setting. Click the Power to enter the P4 setting. And you can see I’ve set to FF, which means no speed limit. If you toggle through using the Mode button, here you can set the max speed to 20 / 25 or FF. So that’s really your choice, 20/25 MPH or FF unlimited max speed of the scooter X9 MAX. So that’s how you change the speed setting, to get back out and save the setting by holding both of Power & Mode, it’ll take you out to the main screen.

X9 Scooter Battery

Now power supply to X9 Scooter motor is a 15.6 amp hour battery pack. Here inside the deck board. I’ll put up a video of removing the swappable battery, so you can see how it opens up and how the X9 battery removal works. Basically, loosen the two screws on top of the deck and pop up the cover that covers the battery. X9 MAX battery has a strap handle on it, you can lift it out and there are two plugs. One that plugs in the battery power and another one plugs into the speed controller. Release those two and you can take the battery out and charge it wherever it’s convenient for you. It’s pretty simple to do as far as getting it out. I had a little bit of trouble getting it back closed because it is just so exact and so tight.

Also, you can find the X9 PRO scooter charging port right here. So you don’t have to remove the battery every time. Most people are just going to keep this in the garage and never take the battery out. You just plug in the charge port right there.

X9 scooter removable battery
HX X9 Scooter Battery

X9 Electric Scooter Max Speed

Now this is, of course, the X9 Max version. A 48V battery and 550W motor that peaks at 1,100W, there are no markings of any kind on this backwheel motor. So I guess I’m taking their word for it, but I can tell you from riding it, it is a really powerful scooter.

They claim on the website that X9 electric scooter will go 25MPH. I was able to get HX X9 Max to 23-24 miles an hour all day long with ease. I was surprised to not see the speedometer roll over to 25. It felt like it was gonna just break that 25 and it must have been like 24.9. It didn’t climb over. It’s a nice ride, it’s got that bit of extra juice that you want when riding one of those 20MPH electric scooters that really only go like 18 or 19.

HX X9 Max Climbing Test

There are times where I was going uphill like a decent incline, and X9 Max was going like 21 MPH up the hill. So that’s what you’re gonna get out of this X9 climbing speed. I did a top speed run and it capped out at 24, but with no suspension on it, you really don’t want to go much faster than that. It kind of scares the heck out of me when you hit a pothole going 24MPH that you weren’t expecting, and it can’t absorb that shock. You just have the 10” vacuum tires to absorb shock on X9 PRO MAX scooter.

It also had some pretty decent hill climbing ability. I don’t live in a really hilly area, so it’s always a struggle to find steep hills. I did find one kind of long winding twisting hill up into this neighborhood on the greenway, and it was about 10 to 11 grade going up that hill. We came in on the scooter going probably 20MPH. it was going about 14MPH up through most of the hill, got to the top where you start to crest the hill and it gets to its steepest part, and it dropped down to maybe 10MPH or so. It pretty much just kind of blazed right up that hill no problem. I was able to tackle all the hills around me with ease. They’re not super duper steep but I was pretty impressed with how well X9 went up that hill. I even tried it later toward the end of the battery life, and it still made it up no problem. Even when I was down approaching one bar. I was down at the very last couple of bars and it still was able to climb the hill real good.

X9 Electric Scooter Climbing Test
x9 scooter range

X9 Max Scooter Range

All right, we talked about speed, hill climbing power. The other thing you want to know is battery life. How did X9 electric scooter perform on the range? So a 48v 15.6Ah battery pack. They say that it’s supposed to go 50+ miles. I didn’t get that when I did the range test. I rode it until it was pretty much dead, and I rode it heavy-handed, I had it in Turbo mode the whole time, going 20 plus as much as I could without regard to battery conservation. Whatever, I ended up riding this scooter for over two and a half hours. I covered almost 27 miles of riding. Basically, full power in Sports mode. So I thought it was pretty good at 27 miles. That’s not bad. I rode it in a fun way like I would normally ride it and it still went 27 miles. If you know, of course, drop it down into ECO or Comfort mode, you might get a little bit longer range, or if you weigh less, I weigh like 175 pounds, if you’re only 100 pounds you might get even more range out of X9 MAX.

I really didn’t lose much power until I had burned off three bars of the battery indicators, then the speed dropped a little bit when there’s two bars left instead of going 24MPH, going like 21 and then once I got down to one bar, that’s when I headed for home and I did the rest of it in my neighborhood and toward the very end. It gave me these loud beeps out of nowhere. I looked down the battery bar was flashing, saying like hey you’re out basically. So if you do like a long range commuting over 60 miles, get an extra HX X9 battery, and they offer other X9 electric scooter parts as well. 

HX X9 Plus Scooter

X9 Pro Scooter Conclusion

All right, so what are a few things I noticed about X9. First, X9 PRO Scooter platform is nice, big and wide, with plenty of room to move around on. I like that. Second, you got the motor on the rear wheel, and I bring this up because I’ve had scooters where the motors are in the front wheel, and they tend to give you a little bit of a burnout or spin out when you get going sometimes. You don’t really get that as much with HX X9, I don’t think I ever had the back wheel do a burnout on me. So I guess more stable in that sense. Third, the handlebar stem. I’ve got other scooters, powerful scooters and the handlebar stems move around a lot. They didn’t feel really secure. The HX X9 MAX was nice, tight and secure. When you launch off the line, it didn’t really feel like it was moving at all. I like that feeling about it.

I would say good power for the money. 700 bucks and you got 1,000W electric scooter almost 25MPH. It pulls hard off the line. I was very pleased with the power on this X9 Pro Max scooter, definitely more powerful than the X7 PRO folding electric scooter. X7 was like a 20MPH scooter, which I only got to like maybe 18 or 19. So it’s certainly more powerful on the hills and on the flats, and all the way around really. So yes, it’s got decent power. And the last thing I’ll say is on-road only, it was quite bumpy when you get it off the pavement with this scooter, so just keep that in mind.

What Can Electric Scooter Do for You

Before you buy an e-bike, check out some scooters. It’s kind of handy to have on hand. Think about what you’re going to use it for. I mean it is great if you’re going to just buzz down to your mailbox, buzz over to the pool, hang out with your friends for a second. Actually, I find myself taking it with me when my truck needs service. I can just throw this in the back, drop the truck off for service, hop on the scooter, they call me when the trucks down. I buzz back over and get it. It’s easier than the bike because I don’t have to load it in the bed of the truck. Just throw in the back seat. I don’t have to put it on a bike rack, I don’t have to tie it down or move my tonneau cover. So I usually take this portable X9 electric scooter when I gotta do that.

All right, I think that’s all I have got, thank you to HX Scooter for sending this X9 out to me so I can ride and test and share some information with you. Again I’ll link it below. Check it out some of the other scooters on the website as well. They have an even more powerful one than this, called the X10 off road scooter which does have the full suspension and dual motor if that’s what you’re going for.


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