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HX Electric Scooter

shenzhen kixin electronics co. ltd

Shenzhen Kixin Electronics Co., Ltd includes two brands. The KIXIN is mainly engaged in Mini projectors, while HX focuses on cool scooters, electric bicycles.

HX Electric Scooter began with dozens of dreamers focused on next-level experience of eco-scooters. From those modest beginnings, Kixin Scooter Electrico has grown into a leading manufacturer setting the standard for the scooter world. HX Scooter, known as the World FIRST electric scooter with removable battery and has been selling over One Million 2 wheel electric scooters under model No. of the HX X6, X7, X8, X9 Scooter.

X7 electric scooter manufacturer

KIXIN is the ONE scooter manufacturer behind various of the world’s most famous e-scooter brands. As an ISO9001 certified and BSCI factory, our adult models X7 Pro Scooter & Kixin X8 Scooter have passed UL-2272, CE-EMC, RoHS etc. HX Scooter is trusted by over 480 Importers & Wholesalers in 110 countries, recommended by mainstream media like TNW, Cnet, Tomes Guide, WIRED and Electrek. X7 PRO electric scooter rated the 5 star electric scooter on Amazon. Unsurprisingly, HX Electric Scooters can be found in marketplace like Walmart, Carrefour, RENAULT, and local scooter/bike shops such CECOTEC.


Sold to 110 + Countries

X8 Scooter is a true revolution in the world of personal transport


Removable Battery

World first electric scooter with additional battery possible


Reliable Brand

Tested for Everything. Safety is a #1 priority for HX Escooter

Built to Last

Sales & Product Inquiries

HX scooters are engineered to last for years and extremely reliable

HX Scooter Best Seller

X10 Dual Motor Scooter

Features to make X10 off road e scooter “The Best”

  • Dual Motor 2400W for strong climbing power and speed
  • Strong Battery 18.6 Ah for extended range (900Wh)
  • Advanced safety mechanics and construction for daily riding, full shock absorption and dual disc brakes

X9 PRO Max Scooter

Perfect Combo of Speed & Range

Powerful motor up to 1000W, with 15.6 Ah Quick-Swap battery, X9 Plus can go 50+ miles in one charge 

Monopattino elettrico X8

A Lightweight Urban Scooter 

KIXIN X8 Scooter Electrico speed up to 20 mph in 6.1 seconds with 25 mi range. Enhance your range with a spare battery.

X7 PRO Electric Scooter

Game-Changer Replaceable Battery Design

The very FIRST electric scooter brand in the world with removable battery design, makes it practically invulnerable to water damage in the rain.

X6 Electric Scooter

A Ultimate Compace Backpack Scooter 

Small but Strong Motor: 5.5 inch outside diameter, hub motor, DC36V / 250W

Max Speed: 25 km/h (15.5 mph)

Mileage: 20 kms (12.5 miles) (depending on riding style, rider’s weight, surface conditions and grade angle).

One Decent Scooter Brand Trusted on

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