10 Inch X7 Pro X8 Scooter Tire

10 Inch X7 Pro X8 Scooter Tire

10 Inch Electric Scooter Inflatable Tire Set

Genuine replacement Pneumatic tyre for HX X7, X8, Slidgo X8, Decent X7 X8 PRO scooter, TurboAnt X7 PRO electric scooters.

10 inch inflatable tubed-tire includes tire and inner tube.

X7 X8 Scooter City road tire performs well on urban roads, lower tyre noise.

Installation & adjustment of the tire requires high hands-on ability.

What’s included:

10″x2.125″ outer tyre

10″x2/2.125″ inner tube.

The shock absorption ability of pneumatic tire is better than solid tire obviously, but if you don’t pump in air regularly, the inner tube would be crushed by outer tire, so make sure the inner tube pump air amply regularly.



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