Electric Scooter Seat

Electric Scooter Seat

Electric Scooter Seat

If you’d like a seated electric scooter, now it’s available at HX shop

Make you HX electric scooter with seat. Officially designed for HX scooters, private mold.

Foldable – the base of the electric scooter seat comes with a lock design. Can be folded with a single movement.

Double shock absorption – Durable damping spring scooter seat offers enhanced comfort for longer distance riding.

Adjustable stem – Suitable for different riders height.

Easy installation – easy handwork to fast install the HX scooter seat.

Note: Each model scooter seat is designed and developed by HX, and is proprietary, NOT universal across all models.



Turn your HX to seated electric scooter

This scooter seat is exclusively designed to fit HX Electric Scooters, ensuring optimal comfort, safety, and quality.

Each model is specially crafted to accommodate varying board widths of HX X7 X8 X9 and X11, please choose the right model according the scooter models to ensure compatibility.

Rigorously tested for stability and reliability with 100,000 vibration tests and 220lbs payload tests, it’s the perfect choice for long-distance rides.


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