Front Fork for X7 X8 X9 Scooter

Front Fork for X7 X8 X9 Scooter

Front fork for the X8 X7 Pro Electric Scooter, X9 Plus Max Scooter, X6 Scooter

Aluminum alloy, sturdy for long service life – Replacement parts for HX Electric Scooter

Suitable For – HX E-Scooter and other X-series scooter elettrico in market

The front fork for the HX ESooter is a high-quality chunk of metal to hold the front wheel/hub motor assembly. When mounted, this fork uses a plastic cover that is sold separately.



HX Electric Scooter Front Fork

Replacing a Front Fork Guide: HX X7 X8 PRO Scooter, X9 Plus Max Electric Scooter

Tool needed: half 17mm Hex to allow the collar bolt removal.

1. Remove the reflective strip, remove 2 front side fenders and axle nuts with Hex/Allen key ( 3mm allen and little rubber cover that hides on screw).

2. Remove the mud guard, remove the controller and disconnect it from the front motor. That is all the screws on the lower end of the pole of the scooter. Front stem screws also.

3. Then remove the front wheel. Pull the wires though so the motor is not connect to the controller.

4. Then you use 17MM hex to remove the center collar bolt.

Remark: Make sure to not loose the bearings in the collar.


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