HX Electric Scooter Stem Repair Tool

HX Electric Scooter Stem Repair Tool

HX e-Scooter Stem Repair Tool

Category: HX Scooter Parts

Item: Electric Scooter Steering Stem Repair / Removal Tool

M17 Hexagonal Tool compatible with HX X7 Pro folding electric scooter
HX X8, X9 Plus, X9 & X10 scooters

  • Customized factory made tool to fix / lock the stem of X7 X8 X9 X10 electric scooters
  • Repair the wobbly or loose stem of your HX E scooter
  • Maintain your X scooter by retightening the nuts in the steering front fork
  • Efficient tool to save you tons of time and secure your riding



X7 Pro, X8, X9 X10 Electric Scooter Stem Lock Tool

Repair the play in the stem of your HX scooter, Simply repair your HX Scooter stem in just a few steps for safer journeys.

Can this Special tool fix my X7 Pro or X8 scooter?

This customized Hexagonal tool can lock / tighten all HX scooters including X7 X8 X9 X10 and X11 scooter shaking stem.
Including all re-branded X7 Pro electric scooter, X9 Plus or X9 Pro Max scooter on the market.

 Is the repair progress simple?

Repairs require M5 hex wrench and this special customized tool M17, here is video: how to repair a wobbly or loose stem


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