X10 Electric Scooter (2024)


X10 Off Road Electric Scooter

Dual Motor Scooter: X10 Electric Scooter equipped with Dual-drive motors up to 2400W, fast speed to 32 mph / 50 kph.

48V 18.2 AH Swappable, X10 scooter battery is easy to remove and recharge.

Long range electric scooter off road, X10 all terrain scooter up to 60 Miles on one charge.

11 inch Semi Off-Road Vacuum Tire, safety braking system: Electric Brake/ Disc Brake/ Foot Brake.

Full Suspension: X10 E-Scooter front & rear suspension can greatly absorb the bumps and keep your riding safer and stable even on rough terrains.

One-piece Casting Frame: Dynamic, modern structure meets aesthetic standard of most consumers.

Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy welding makes X10 Off Road Electric Scooter lightweight and durable.

Spacious Deck: 20 cm (8inch), X10 Pro Scooter is equipped with a wider and anti-slip stand deck for larger feet support.

Foldable – Easy to fold up and portable scooters, one click folding and easily be stored into the trunk of a car.

X10 Off Road Scooter Review


(4 customer reviews)

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1200W * 2

Dual Motor 2400W

48V 18 Ah

Swappable Battery

HX electric scooter speed

32+ MPH

Max Speed

HX Scooter range

60+ Miles

Top Range


X10 Scooter – An Off Road Electric Scooter with All Key Features

What features to make an e scooter off road “the best”? For those with some experience using an e-scooter before, it may be clear what qualities stand out for needs.

  • Dual motors for climbing and high-performance riding
  • Strong battery for extended range and power output
  • Advanced safety mechanics and construction for daily riding
  • Durable build quality for long-term ownership

If you’re going semi off road, with varying terrains but not too much of speed, climbing rocks and jumps but handles city commuting at the same time, then the X10 scooter would be the perfect All-Terrain electric scooter can meet both transportation and entertainment needs, ONE neutral hybrid type!

4 reviews for X10 Electric Scooter (2024)

  1. Daniel Clement (verified owner)

    I recently got the HX10, what can I say? Absolute madness! Top workmanship, high quality motors and an extremely pleasant driving experience. The double suspension makes driving an experience. I also tested it off-road and am thrilled.
    However, I have to mention three negative points.
    1. The thickness of the handlebars is too thin for the size of the scooter.
    2. would be a button to switch from dual to single.
    3. a % battery indicator would have been nice.
    Absolutely the coolest scooter and you will enjoy it for a very long time.

  2. Texas Penguin

    I’d say it’s a decent scooter for the money. My only complaint would be that it’s only 48V, which would limit peak power and top speed. It’s a good first dual motor though. Enjoy it! It’s nice having power on tap when you need it, as well as suspension.

  3. Carrier

    Je voulais savoir si y’a sonette et bande réfléchissante et si ont peu comme la x9 aller sur p4 pour la mettre ah 25 ou vitesse maxi

  4. Shane Z

    I have owned X10 for half a year. What I like are 1. Suspension is excellent, can pass road bump easily. 2. 11 inch off road wheel works great, makes it lot of fun for multi-terrain enjoyment. 3. Removable battery design would fit for winter storage without harm the battery life. 4. One piece design makes board great for foot stand and comfortable maneuver. 5.$1200 Price is very attractive for a high end.
    What I dislike. 1. Magnetic breaking pad not wear anti-viberate, scratching disk occasionally. 2. No app for north America version sucks. 3. 48 V 18A max 57kmh makes it less competitve with most of other brand. 4. Would be more pro if riser bar can be used.

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X10 off road scooter package

X10 Scooter Features

Powerful Dual Motor – X10 electric scooter comes with 2*1200W motors, total output at 2400 Watts. The maximum speed is 32 MPH when dual drives are running at the same time. Off road scooter electric single/dual motor drive switchable via Throttle Setting (P3).

Durable & Removable Battery – Electric off road scooter X10 equipped with swappable battery pack. 48V 18.2Ah lithium battery can travel up to 60 miles, excellent travel range and easy charging time is only 6-8 hours.

11 Inch e Scooter Off Road Tubeless Tire – X10 adult scooter with wider 11 in pneumatic tires, deeper lines provide perfect anti-seismic and anti-slip performance, adapt to all kinds of pavement, improved the riding experience in tough road conditions.

Full Shock Absorption – Super dual suspension, easy to face slopes, reduce the bump pains, improve the driver comfort. Make you traverse any terrain easily and offer a stimulating feeling.

Water Resistant – Electric scooter off road whole body rating of IPX5 (IPX7 water resistance to its core components).

16CM Double Disc Brakes – Disc brake, E-ABS anti-lock system and foot brake. High-efficiency braking and quick response, ensures a safe and worry-free ride.

Folding in One Step – Fast folding in 3 seconds, solving the problem of handling and storage of the scooter after driving, convenience come at your fingertips. 

Dual Motor Electric Scooterdual motor off road scooter

DUAL MOTOR 1200W * 2

  • 2400W motor provides faster speed and better climbing ability.
  • Max speed up to 32MPH / 50KMH and 30% hill grade climbing ability.
  • Perfect off-road electric scooter can meet both transportation and entertainment needs.
Full suspension Electric scooter


  • 11-inch e scooter off road with vacuum air tire provides max comfort.
  • Front & rear shock absorber assure maximum comfort ride through dirt & bumpy roads.
  • An off road scooter that less bulky and heavy compared to a average scooter.
X10 Electric Scooter battery


  • Quick swap battery, easy to maintain, replace and remove.
  • 18.2Ah HX X10 battery sold separately.
  • Easy to fold/carry, transport X10 in the trunk of a car is a breeze.
Off Road Electric Scooter


  • Integrated wiring means no exposed lines, prevent cables from aging, leakage and damage.
  • Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy, one-piece molding, lightweight, durable.
  • HX X10 electric scooter with embedded battery,  IP54. (X10 Scooter Troubleshooting)

Acceleration (0 to 32 mph)

5.1 seconds

Top speed

32 mph (50 kmh)

Braking distance (32 to 0 mph)

21.5 feet


60 miles (100 km)


X10 Dual motor scooter – 2400W

Net Weight

About 25kg

Frame Material

aluminum-magnesium alloy

Tire Size

11 inch anti puncture Vacuum tire

Max Range



32mph ; 50km/h

Rated power



Front & Rear Double shock absorbers

Climbing Angel


Pedal Width


Ground Clearance of Pedal


Ground clearance of pedal chassis


Battery capacity

48V/18.2 Ah lithium battery

Motor driven

Dual drive

Battery removal method

Portable and removable

Waterproof level


Charging time

8-10 hours

Headlight / taillight

LED high-brightness front light 3w

Applicable height



Black, White




DC 54.6V, 2 A


100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Charging Time

Approx. 9-10 hours


48 V / 18.2 Ah, 1000 Wh

Operating Temperature

32 to 95 °F (0 to 35 °C)

Storage Time

3 months (after a full charge)

dual motor electric scooter

Dual Drive Motor

HX’s First Off-Road Scooter, superior performance and smart design as always.

– 48V Dual Motor (1200W), Total Output 2400W

– Single / Dual Motor Drive Switchable (P3 Setting)

– Travels Up to 60 Mile Range

– 32 mph / 50 kph Top Speed

The ULTIMATE Commuter Scooter has everything you need.

Removable Battery Scooter

HX Scooter Has Never Stopped Evolving Towards Design and Creativity.

– 18.2 Ah Removable Battery

– Full Suspension to Conquer All Terrain

– Max Speed Adjustable (X10 scooter secret menu)

Portable & Swappable battery as always in HX GINS.

X10 Electric Scooter Battery
X10 Electric Scooter Tire

Extra Wide Off-Road Tires

Most Exciting Dual Motor Electric Scooters of HX 2022.

– 11 In Vacuum Tyre, 90/65-6.5 off road tire

– One Die Casting Molding, Heat Treatment Magnesium Alloy 

Best Off Road Electric Scooter with Minimalist design, no exposed cables.

Functional Adult Scooter

X10 e scooter off road brings you joy, cares about your safety.

– Double Brake Disc 16cm

– Wider Deck

– Headlight & Brake Light

The Best off road electric scooter for adults with modern & wild design, not limited to city commuting but ALL conditions.

portable scooter 1000w

Reliable Quality

HX First All Terrain Electric Scooter, X10 Scooters apply to newest EU standards.

Fast Delivery

X10 Scooter price including Free & Fast shipping to US and EU destinations.

Best Warranty

HX X10 Electric Scooter with 14 days no questions asked return policy

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