X10 Scooter Battery

X10 Scooter Battery

48V 18.2Ah Battery for X10 Electric Scooter

X10 Electric Scooter Battery 48v 18.2Ah 873Wh

Long Range 2400W X10 All-terrain electric scooter is made for adventure and exploration.

Removable Design: Recharge X10 Battery while it’s installed in or detached from Dual motor HX X10 Scooter.

Single battery pack covers extra 80 – 100 km (60 miles) extended range.

E-scooter battery enclosure material: X10 scooter battery use strong metal, safe and long lasting steel.

X10 Scooter Battery Charging Voltage: 100V – 240V / 50 – 60Hz / 54.6V 2A

Charging Time: Approx. 7-8 hours

Net Weight: 15. 7 lb – 7.2 kg



Get a fully charged second battery, ready for adventure when you are.

Easy to install, swappable X10 Scooter battery is encased under deck cover that shields it from excessive exposure to dust and moisture.

*X10 Electric Scooter battery delivery time would be 10-15 days, if you have any questions, please contact HX Scooter Service Team 24/7.

Type Li-ion battery Max Charging Current 2A
Max Charging Voltage 54.6V Charging time 9-10h
Battery Capacity 18.2Ah Charging Temperature 0-40°C
Rated Voltage 48V Store Time (-10-40°C) 3 months (full charge)

How to Charge X10 Scooter?

X10 Electric Scooter Charging steps

  • Open the charging port cover, Make sure the charging port is clean and dry.
  • Connect the charger with the battery and the other end with power(100V-240V;50/60Hz).

Make sure the charging indicator is on.

  • When the indicator light on the charger changes, indicating that the charging process is normal, otherwise check if the line connection is good.
  • The indicator turns green when the charger is charging, it indicates that the battery has been filled to 99%, Please stop charging; long time over charge will affect the battery life.

How to charge X10 electric scooter battery

Tip: When the battery is charged separately, the charging status can be viewed on the charging indicator on the battery. It displays red color when charging and green color after full charged

* Only use the original X10 electric scooter charger for charging. Do not use any other models of power chargers to avoid danger caused by voltage mismatch.


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