X10 Electric Scooter Vacuum Tire

X10 Electric Scooter Vacuum Tire

11 inch Electric Scooter Tyre for X10 Off Road Scooter.

Material: Butyl Rubber

Model: 90/65-6 Tubeless Tire / Vacuum Tire

Type: Semi Off Road Electric Scooter Tire

Outer diameter: 275mm; Inner diameter: 160mm; Width: 90mm

Suitable for X10 Dual Motor Scooter, Other 11-inches scooters (please check the hub and the marks on original e scooter tires).



X10 Scooter Tire

There are 3 types of 11 inch outer tires: The off road tire is highly performing on off-roading, but more noisy than city road tire, the street road tire is good on urban road, and this semi off-road scooter tire is neutral hybrid type.

Some rider called it a vacuum tire, it’s not true, actually it’s pneumatic tire or inflatable tire, but tubeless.

This universal 11 inch electric scooter fat tire may compatible with other 11-inches scooters, please check the hub and the marks on original tires. And the space of the suspension arms and the fenders.
Inflating for tubeless tire is not easy, you need to make the tire’s rim press the wheel hub tightly, or you would never pump air into the tire fully.


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