X6 Scooter Charger

X6 Scooter Charger

Battery Charger for the X6 Electric Scooter

Switching Power Supply Model: FY0632942000 / FY0634201500

29.4V, 2.0A for 24V X6 Electric Scooter

42V, 1.5A for 36V X6 Electric Scooter

Input 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.8 A; Output 29.4V 2.0A / 42.0V 1.5A

May not work with other types and brands of electric scooters

Original AC / DC adapter compatible with 24V HX X6 foldable backpack scooter or 36V X7 Pro electric scooter power supply



Package Include: 1pc AC Adapter and 1pc Power Cord

24V, 6Ah Removable Battery X6 scooter – 29.4V 2.0A Charger

36V, 5Ah Detachable Battery X6 scooter – 42V 1.5A Charger

Energy efficient and stable quality power supply.

Short circuit protection/ over current protection/ over voltage protection.

US, UK, EU plug available.




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