HX X6 Electric Scooter

X6 Electric Scooter

Powered with 36V / 250W motor, HX X6 reach max speed 25km/h (15.5mph).

36V, 5Ah removable battery, safe to travel up 12 miles at full charge.

Quick fold design, most compact electric scooter in the world.

A stable platform and two ways to brake giving you the ultimate control.

LCD Display Menu Setting, On-Board computer

Advanced shock-proof spring makes comfortable riding.

Portable & Removable Li-ion battery, X6 scooter battery can be purchased separately.

* We stopped producing X6 electric scooter with Bluetooth function, and upgraded X6 battery from 24V 6A to 36V 5A


(8 customer reviews)
HX electric scooter speed

25+ KPH

Max Speed

HX Scooter range

10+ Miles

Top Range

36V 5.0 Ah

Swappable Battery


5.5" Motor


The HX X6 Electric Scooter is ultra lightweight and completely foldable, so you can pack it into X6 backpack for convenient travel.

Featured foldability of HX X6 scooter allows for effortless folding and handling, just to be able to get this mini folding electric scooter to the train station/bus stop/shopping, one of the best commuter scooters in HX shop.

The super quiet and powerful 250W brushless hub motor allows speeds of up to 25km/h under certain conditions.

8 reviews for HX X6 Electric Scooter

  1. Raffaele Fusco

    Thanks i received the refund. This will likely be my final message to you. I had eagerly anticipated receiving one of your fantastic scooters, especially the X6 foldable scooter not available for purchase in my area. However, it seems fate or other circumstances have intervened, preventing its delivery.

    I understand that mishaps occur, but I must admit, the process of tracking and waiting for my package has been arduous.

    Despite the frustration of the past two months, I want to bid you farewell on a positive note. I still believe in the quality and innovation of HX scooters. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors. May your wheels keep turning, both in providing scooters and helping people like me navigate life’s journey.

  2. Marc

    Où puis-je acheter une batterie 24,5 V?

    Where can I buy a 24.5V battery?

  3. Nane

    I bought my HX x6 when it came out and now in 2022 I’m still using it 🙂
    Best one to use between trainstation and work! <3
    But I lost the P-settings (P0-to P8) paper, that came with the manual.
    Can someone help me, please.

    Kind regards

  4. Alex Boardman

    I bought the X6 scooter about 4/5 years ago and I’m currently looking to buy a charger for the 24v battery. Do you still sell them or know where I can buy the original charger from? I’m based in London, UK.

  5. Manny

    I decided the backpack scooter X6 would be my first ever scooter and I am thrilled with my choice! It was more than I initially planned to pay for a powered scooter, but it was perfect in delivery, easy to fold up, and I resisted riding it until I let it charge for about 6-8 hours.

  6. Mary Howe

    High quality electric scooter for the money, I have been riding my X6 almost daily for several weeks and I can say it rides great with no issues so far.

  7. Romean B.

    The X6 Electric scooter is one heck of a deal when compared to others. The quality, weight, and features are top notch and very innovative!!!

  8. Jeremy B

    I bought and tested this scooter against the Segway ES4 (both great scooters), but I kept this one because the X6 Scooter was very portable and simple, it wasn’t as powerful but right out of the box, I was amazed how compact it is!

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HX X6 package

X6 Scooter Features

Battery and Motor: Electric Scooter X6

With the 36V 5.0AH battery and the 250W motor, the HX X6 Scooter can really ride with power, go the distance!

Speed and Range: HX X6 Scooter

Electric scooter 15 mph, X6 promises a range of up to 12 miles with a fully charged battery. Adjusting to a fun, healthy and active lifestyle has never been easier!

Portability: HX X6 Folding Electric Scooter

Backpack Electric Scooter X6, a real “space miracles” compared to other foldable scooter for adults, 22 lbs weight, compact size. HX X6 could be your perfect travel partner in downtown.

Superior Convenience: Removable Battery Electric Scooter

Boosted range with a second battery, get to your destination worry-free. Easy to remove and replace HX X6 scooter battery at short notice.

Cool Scooters: Backpack Scooter Electric

X6 electric scooter is one of the best car alternative options you have for last mail vehicles.

Perfect for short distances, specially in cities, public transport combines with backpack scooter likely help you get to your destination way faster with less stress.

250W electric scooter


  • Fast acceleration and torque easy to overcome climbs & obstacles while driving.
  • Quiet 250W hub motor allows speeds of up to 25km/h.
X6 scooter battery


  • Max range of up to 10-15 MILES.
  • Detachable battery, easy to remove and replace.
  • Boosted range with a second fully charged battery.
backpack scooter electric


  • Riding safely in dark environments with ultra-bright headlight, one-button on/off.
backpack electric scooter


  • Ultra Compact & Fully Foldable Electrical Scooter
  • Lightweight – 22 lbs weight, portable size, quick fold design
  • Sports Modes, Faster and Furious
HX X6 electric scooter


  • Electronic brake and pedal brake, dual protection.
  • Stay in control while cruising the city.


  • A high-quality LCD display allows you to view your E-scooters speed and battery life.
  • 3 second fast folding, pleasant experience.


Type: Electric Kick Scooter
Wheel Size: 2 Wheel 5.5”
Seat Type: without Seat
Folding: Yes
Motor Power: 250W
Battery Capacity: 36V 5AH


Battery: Li-ion battery
Mileage (depends on road and driver weight): 8-15km
Maximum Mileage: 15km (12.5 miles) 
Maximum Speed: 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
Max Payload: 100kg
Permissible Gradient (depends on your weight): 16-20 degree
Battery Capacity: 5Ah
Motor Rated Power: 250W
Climb Angle: 10 degree
Charging Time: 3 hours
Tire Diameter: 5.5 inch
Pedal Ground Clearance (no weight bearing): 8cm
Way of Battery Locking: Self locking


36V 5.0 Ah


Product weight: 10.5kg
Package weight: 12 kg

Package Contents

Package Content: 1 x Electric Scooter, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Vehicle Tool, 1 x English User Manual

x6 electric scooter

A Real Backpack Scooter


– 22 lbs weight, compact size(30*60cm)

– quick fold design.

Electric Scooter X6 can be tossed in a backpack and taken to anywhere you want.

* X6 scooter backpack is not included

Small Scooter with Strong Power

Smart Scooter HX X6 powered With DC 36V / 250W Motor.

5.5 inch Outside Diameter X6 Reaches Max Speed 25km/h.

Get yourself the ultimate scooter to zip around the neighborhood in style.

250w electric scooter
x6 electric scooter

Lightest Scooter with FUNCTION

HX X6 folding electric scooter built with detachable battery, easy & safe to travel with an extra pack.

X6 scooter adopts electronic brake & pedal brake, dual protection brings more safety & peace of mind when driving.

Electric Scooter X6 ensures ideal leisure along with a comfortable ride.

Reliable Quality

HX X6 Scooter are trusted and recommended for its amazing foldable size and smart design.

Fast Delivery

X6 Scooter Price Including Free & Fast Shipping to US and EU destinations.

Best Warranty

X6 Electric Scooter with 14 days no questions asked return policy

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