X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter Stem

X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter Stem

X7 | X8 Electric Scooter Handlebar Stem

  • Designed For Both Steering And As A Carrying Handle When Folded
  • Black steel alloy tube
  • Electric scooter stem replacement for the X7 & X8
  • Work as Steering stem and Battery compartment
  • Compatibility: HX X7 / X8 Scooter
  • Specifications Length: 26″ (66 Cm) Weight: 1.95 Lbs



Handlebar stem replacement for X7 Pro & X8

The superb HX X7 X8 is a premium adult scooter designed specifically for urban commuters, providing a durable and long-lasting transportation solution. While the scooter itself is built with rock-solid durability and impeccable construction, it’s natural for certain moving parts to experience wear and tear over time due to daily use.

However, when unexpected issues arise, we are here to provide you with full line replacement parts to ensure your HX Escooter continues to glide smoothly and perform like new.


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