X7 Scooter Battery

X7 Scooter Battery

An official spare battery for the HX X7 electric scooter.

5.0Ah quick swap battery ranges up to 12 miles per charge

Built in charging port: charge separately from the X7 scooter.

Size 48*5 cm, weighing only 3.3 lbs, portable backpack scooter battery.

User friendly: Installation is silly simple and the operation is convenient.

X7 Scooter battery is stored in the stem of the scooter keeping it safe and fully weatherproof.

Smart BMS Protection: HX electric scooter battery has 6 of protection – over-heating, short circuit, over-current and over-charge protection, under-voltage automatic sleep etc.

* All electric scooter batteries are shipping from HX scooter Factory, ShenZhen China, free to door tax paid, by air would be 10~15 days to arrive.



X7 Folding Electric Scooter Battery

* X7 Scooter battery range can be vary according to riding habits – stop and go, riding speed, rider’s weight, terrain and temperature. 

X7 Electric Scooter Battery Replacement – No need to lug around your entire unit searching for charging station. Having a secondary battery pack that can be charged externally or within the scooter. Quick swap out a new in seconds and enjoy your ride while one is charging.

X7 pro electric scooter batteries are stored in the front bar of the scooter, making them super easy on maintenance and water resistant when compared to other models with built-in battery under the floorboard.

Size: 48*5 cm ; Weight: 3.3 lb

Capacity: 36V 5.0 Ah X7 scooter battery; 10 ah replacement battery for X7 Pro electric scooter

Charging Time: Less than 3 hours, 42V 2A charger.

Mileage: 10-15 miles

Application: HX X7 scooter battery

Shipping: All electric scooter parts are shipping from HX scooter Factory, ShenZhen China, By air to door delivery time 12-15 days to arrive.

Why electric scooter with removable battery?

1. Flexibility – Portable battery with a built in charging port that can be charged at home instead of public charging station.

2. Extend Range -HX X7 scooter battery is compact enough to carry in a common size backpack, place a spare charged battery and double your range!

3. Economical – Given the complexity of a battery embedded scooter, repairing or replacing a new battery pack will be much cheaper and easier


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