X8 Scooter Battery

X8 Scooter Battery

X8 Scooter Battery Replacement

10.4 Ah X8 electric scooter battery is about 20 miles of range, 12.8 Ah at 25 miles.

Two Way Charging: Built in charging port, charge separately from the X8 scooter.

Size 46*9cm, Weight only 6.4 lbs, Portable backpack scooter battery.

X8 scooter battery removable: Installation & replacement is simple, more convenient and practical.

Great Performance: Stable, compact, and reliable quality, charging time is about 5 hours, bringing more fun and convenience to your travel.

More Power & Safety: HX scooter battery is designed with trusted materials and detachable design with high power supply. Last more than 1000 times deep cycles and 2-3 years service life.

User Friendly: The X8 electric scooter battery is easy to install and doubles the range of HX X8 from 25 miles to 50 miles.

Note: X11 Scooter battery can not be used on X8 e-Scooter, different size



X8 Electric Scooter Battery

* Please carefully check the battery interface on your HX scooter and select the right battery port

* HX X8 Scooter battery would be 10-15 days on delivery, if you have any questions, please contact HX Scooter Service Team 24/7.

Extend your X8 electric scooter range by adding an additional swappable battery. The X8 battery can be charged separately from the E-scooter, so you can swap out a new in seconds and continue your journey. We offer two different sizes, 10.4 and 12.8 Amp hour battery, travels 20-25 miles on one charge.

How to Remove / Install the X8 Scooter Battery

  • Pull out the spring latch on the top of the battery and lift the battery straight up to remove the battery pack from the front bar.
  • Pull out / in the battery horizontally until an audible click can be heard.

How to Charge X8F Scooter Battery

There’s no need to lug the scooter around to power up! Just detach the battery and follow below steps:

  • Open the charging port cover at the bottom of the battery. Make sure the charging port is dry and free of dust.
  • Connect the charging adapter.
  • The battery is fully charged when the indicator light of the charging adapter turns from red to green.
  • Close the charging port cover after charging the battery.

Battery rated power 360Wh / 460Wh battery (10/12.8Ah).  Takes approximately 4-5 hours to charge fully.

HX electric scooter battery has 6 of protection – over-heating, short circuit, over-current and over-charge protection, under-voltage automatic sleep etc.

The HX X8 electric scooter battery is compatible with all identical X8 escooter in market.

* All electric scooter parts are shipping from HX scooter Factory, ShenZhen China, free to door tax paid, by air would be 10~15 days to arrive.

How does the X7 Pro Electric Scooter battery work?

1. Flexibility – Portable battery with a built in charging port that can be charged at home instead of public charging station.

2. Extend Range -X8F battery is compact enough to carry in a common size backpack, place a spare charged battery and double your range!

3. Economical – Given the complexity of a battery embedded scooter, repairing or replacing a new battery pack will be much cheaper and easier


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