X9 Scooter Battery

X9 Scooter Battery

X9 Electric Scooter Batteries 36v/48v – 15.6Ah/20.8Ah

Removable: Longer range individual battery pack covers 60 – 100 km distance.

6 intelligence protection from over-charging and over-heating. Energy recovery system, extended riding range.

High density power-type lithium battery, high-rate, high power supply, safe and durable performance.

Like Tesla in the scooter world, the kinetic energy is converted into electric energy, which has a long battery life.

We offer two different sizes, 15.6 and 20.8 Ah battery, travels 60-100 km on one charge.

*X9 Electric Scooter battery delivery time would be 10-15 days, if you have any questions, please contact HX Scooter Service Team 24/7.



X9 Electric Scooter Battery

Having additional batteries for electric scooter that can be charged externally or within the scooter will significantly increase your range.  This battery comes in two versions: 36V or 48V, standard 15.6 Ah or extended-range 20.8 Ah battery. X9 electric scooter battery compatible with HX X9 Scooter and Komeet X9.

Factory activated, this battery arrives fully sealed, 80% full charged and ready for action. Original scooter factory replacement guaranteed to fit easily and precisely.

The battery is stored in the deck board of the scooter, keeping your X9 Plus scooter rate water resistant of IP54. Always have a spare on-hand so you never run out of power while you cruise around town.

Size: 353*125*77 mm ; Weight: 4.2 kg

Capacity: 36V 15.6Ah / 20.8Ah ; 48V 15.6Ah / 20.8Ah

Mileage: 15.6Ah at 60-70km (40 Miles) ; 20.8Ah at 80-100km (60 Miles)

* E Scooter battery range will vary according to user habits – stop and go, riding speed, rider’s weight, terrain and temperature.

How to Remove X9 Electric Scooter Battery

X9 scooter battery replacement
1- Unscrew the scooter pedal cover – 2- Lift the battery cover from the rear wheel side
X9 scooter battery pack
3- Unplug the battery charging connector and power plug of the controller – 4- Life the battery pack and remove the battery


X9 Plus Scooter
X9 Pro Max Scooter
Komeet X9 Scooter

Shipping: All electric scooter parts are shipping from HX scooter Factory, ShenZhen China, which delivery time can take up to 50~60 days to arrive.

Advantages of electric scooter with detachable battery

1. Flexibility – Portable battery with a built in charging port that can be charged at home instead of public charging station.

2. Extend Range -X7 battery is compact enough to carry in a common size backpack, place a spare charged battery and double your range!

3. Economical – Given the complexity of a battery embedded scooter, repairing or replacing a new battery pack will be much cheaper and easier


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