X9 X10 Scooter Brake Lever

X9 X10 Scooter Brake Lever

X9 Scooter, X10 electric scooter Handle Brake Levers – Left | Right

X9 / X10 electric scooter brake lever will quickly cut-off electric motor power while hold the brake.

Safety bell conveniently mounted on the left handle brake clamp, clear and loud sound.

The X9 / X10 Scooter brake handle is designed with long handle, clamp the brake handle more easily.

Easy to install, convenient to wire, X9/X10 brake handle is made of aluminum alloy.



X9 Electric Scooter Brake Handle

Fit for 10 inch X9, 11 Inch X10 electric scooter,  X9 Plus 36V scooter, X9 Pro Max 48V Scooter and other X9 series scooters

Colour: Black

Material:Aluminum alloy

* Brake cable not included


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