X9 Electric Scooter Controller

X9 Electric Scooter Controller

HX X9 Scooter Controller

100% Original Electric Scooter Controller from HX Scooter factory.

Smooth Speed Control: X9 brush-less motor controller provides steady and sensitive control of braking and acceleration.

Easy Installation: Plug & Play connectors, easy to remove and replace, Do-It-Yourself for home repairing electric scooters.

* Can not mix 36V with 48V motor controller, it’ll cause damage to your X9 escooter.

* The wiring port includes: motor line, patrol route, instrument speed line, high level brake line, debugging learning line, Hall line, turn line, pull three speed line, power line, low brake line, etc.

* Please take a photo before unplugging the original X9 controller wiring from 500W X9 Plus, 550W X9 PRO MAX Scooter.



X9 Scooter Controller

HX X9 Electric Scooter P Setting

How to remove speed limit on X9 Plus, X9 Max Scooter (Video) – Applicable to all X9 series escooter in market

The HX X9 Scooter parameter P4 is hidden, which is different from other HX adult scooters setting method.

  1. Press Power & Function key together to enter the menu setting, and the screen displays “P0”
  2. Press Function key to switch to the P1 setting item;
  3. After holding the brake lever, press and hold the Function button for 2 seconds to enter P4 to release the brake lever;
  4. Press the Power button to enter the P4 setting item;
  5. Press the Function key to set the required P4 value, the specific values are shown in the previous section; (when the third gear speed is adjusted to FF unlimited speed, the second gear speed is 20km/h; when the third gear speed is adjusted to the speed limit 20/25km/h , the second gear speed limit is 15km/h)
  6. Press the Power and Function button at the same time to save & exit the P menu settings

X9 Scooter Variable Speed Kit (40kmh)

P0 km/miles per hour setting
0 kph / 1 mph
P3 Wheel Size Selector (don’t adjust)
85 8.5″ wheels
10 10″ wheels
P1 Cruise Control Setting
0 off / 1 on
P4  Speed limit setting
FF: Full-Function, max 40kmh / 25mph
25: 25km/h, 15.5mph
20: 20km/h, 13mph

P2 Kick Start Setting, (don’t change)
0 off / 1 on

Save Settings: Hold Menu and Power buttons together until 00 is displayed.

If you’d like full function performance on X9 Pro electric scooters, and remove the max speed limiter completely (40kph/25mph). get a X9 Variable Speed Kit.

X9 e scooter speed controller needs to work with LED display panel to access the scooters secret menu.


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