X9 Scooter Folding Pole Stem

X9 Scooter Folding Pole Stem

X9 Scooter Stem with Folding Mechanism / Folding Pole Replacement

Designed for both steering and as a carrying handle when folded

Includes X9 handlebar stem/pipe, upper fold mechanism

Lightweight alloy construction, folding handlebar stem for the HX X9 electric scooter

Size: 68*8cm, applicable for X9 Plus Scooter, X9 Pro & X9 Max Scooter

The superb X9 scooter is a serious adult size electric scooter made for the urban commuter and built to last. Despite its rock-solid durability and impeccable construction, moving parts can wear out or suffer damage from daily use.

When the unforeseen happens, HX Store can supply just the right scooter replacement parts to keep your X9 E-Scooter rolling along like new.



X9 Electric Scooter Folding Parts

Do the screws come with it?

The only screws that come with this are the ones at the bottom of the assembly, as seen in the photo.

How do I remove the X9 folding pole? What tool do I need?

Just use the 17 hexagonal wrench to remove the stem.

X9 electric scooter tool

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about HX Electric Scooters replacement or spare parts for your X9 Scooter.


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