X9 Scooter Thumb Throttle

X9 Scooter Thumb Throttle

X9 Scooter Thumb Throttle

Item: X9 Plus electric scooter throttle, X9 Pro Max scooter thumb throttle kits

X7 – Compatible with 8.5″ and 10″ X7 electric scooter

X8 – Compatible with Turbo X7 Pro folding scooter and X8 electric scooter.

X9 – Compatible with the any X9 Plus or X9 Pro Max Scooters on market.

For X8 electric scooter throttle, click here

The silicone color is not significant; only the model matters. * This link comes with a red silicone casing



HX X9 electric scooter parts – Throttle kits

HX Scooter Thumb Throttle kit,  HX e-Scooter Accelerator, Speed Control Sensitive for HX-X6/X7/X8/X9 Electric Scooter

Throttle feature: The port features 5 outgoing lines with identical color sequences and operates on DC power. If the port model and cable color sequences match, it is compatible for use.

Sensitive Throttle: The HX scooter throttle offers a responsive touch, allowing for gentle and easy starting, providing convenience and ease of use.

Please note: X7, X8, and X9 electric scooter throttle may be identical in appearances, but each model has its own unique specifications, not compatible.


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