X9 Electric Scooter Tire – 10 in

X9 Electric Scooter Tire – 10 in

10 Inch Scooter Tubeless Tire for HX X9.

Puncture and explosion-proof, strong and durable rubber tires ensure grip on vary terrain surface.

Great flexibility and shock absorption to withstand any challenge in pressure.

Ultra wide wheel, safe to enjoy the X9 scooter for a comfortable ride.

No maintenance is required, easy to use.

Size: 10 in * 2.7-6.5

Brand: Chao Yang

Tyre Type: Vacuum Tire eliminate the hassle of frequent inflation and puncture.

Compatible with HX X9 Plus, X9 PRO Max folding electric scooter.


(3 customer reviews)


X9 Scooter Tire

Application: X9 Electric Scooter, including 10″ X9 Plus, X9 Pro Max folding scooter

3 reviews for X9 Electric Scooter Tire – 10 in

  1. Christopher

    Front wheel, I picked up a small screw and need to patch the tube. I read that the x9 tires are tubeless. Can’t be on mine.

  2. Christopher

    I have a flat front tire on my HX-X9. This implies maintenance free, is there a tube inside that I need to patch? I’ll do so, and want to know if this is a newer version (tubeless).
    Please let me know. I’d upgrade to the newer tires.

  3. Anders

    Hi is this for back wheel?

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