X9 Electric Scooter Wheel

X9 Electric Scooter Wheel

Item: 10 Inch electric scooter rear wheel

Chao Yang 10″ fat scooter tire is designed with deep non-slip pattern to avoid slipping.

Strong grip, wider wheel, puncture-resistant , pressure-resistant, lightweight and durable.

Type: 10 In Scooter rear wheel with tubeless tire (Vacuum tyre)

Size: 10×2.7-6.5 Wheel Hub

Suitable: HX X9 scooter, HX X9 Plus, X9 PRO Max electric scooter

To keep the electric scooter running properly, we suggest regularly check the wear of your e scooter tires and replace the damaged ones if needed.


(6 customer reviews)


X9 Scooter Wheel

6 reviews for X9 Electric Scooter Wheel

  1. saad

    I want to change the rear tire,
    must I buy this block or just try to change the tire alone? I already tried I can not remove it


  2. Electric Wheels Australia

    Does this Front wheel come supplied with the tyre installed?

    • HX Scooter

      Yes, wheel rim with tire, integrated as you saw on the pic

  3. Mano

    Shipment from where?

    • HX Scooter

      From China factory, 7-10 Days

  4. Sergii

    Do you have x9 inner tube?

  5. pancoo

    Hi, it’s the same part of Ocean Drive X9 Plus? Thank you.

    • HX Scooter

      Yes it is~

  6. Daniel

    Front or rear?

    • HX Scooter

      X9 is rear drive, rear one is motor, front is wheel, this is front wheel

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