X9 Scooter

HX X9 Scooter - 25 mph Electric Scooter

Longest Range Electric Scooter 55 mile – 70 Km from embedded 15.6Ah battery

Powerful Motor – 36V 500W X9 Plus scooter / 48V 550W X9 Max Scooter, Peak power 850W/1100W

Fastest Speed HX Scooter- 40 km/h – 25 mph electric scooter (X9 review)

Double hand-grip brake system effectively shorten braking distance.

Better Design- Detachable battery –36V/48V 15.6Ah, quick swap and charge

Bigger Wheels- 10 inch foot scooter, reinforced vacuum tires with more protection against punctures

Eco Scooter Mode (No “D”): Slowest – 6 mph
Comfort Mode (Grey “D”): Medium – 13 mph
Pro Scootering Mode (Red “D”): Fastest – Up to 25 mph

How to remove speed limit on X9 Pro Scooter (Video)

X9 Pro Max Scooter offers smoothest acceleration, the most accessible & reliable commuter scooter available today.


(27 customer reviews)

Preorder – Orders ship out by MID AUGUST

500W / 550W

Motor Peak Output 850W / 1100W

36V / 48V 15.6 Ah

Swappable Battery

HX electric scooter speed

25+ MPH

Max Speed

HX Scooter range

50+ Miles

Top Range


X9 Electric Scooter – Best Boosted REV scooter alternative. (Review)

With the same build quality as with the electric scooter X6, X7 PRO scooter, and X8 electric scooter, X9 scooter gets all the latest improvements with HX’s scooters for adult: Awesome power, larger battery, dual disc brakes, smart display, and wider tire. HX X9 Scooter is the most capable foldable scooter in HX Scooter World.

Aiming at riders who are looking for greater range, higher top speed, and improved climbing ability, but with unique HX removable battery design. Standard 500 Watts motor, 330 lbs load capacity and up to 55 miles range. Looking for the ultimate ‘Maxi-Scooters’ you can buy – ever? try HX X10 Scooter!

27 reviews for X9 Scooter

  1. Filips.cz

    I’ve a PRO version which i bought about 20 days ago using it on the way to my job. I had xiaomi 300w before and going up hills was unpleasant, I had to push myself so that the scooter wouldn’t stop. This one is not much more expensive but has a much higher torque, the engine does not heat up and the rear wheel drive is more pleasant. But what they invested in performance, they took away in equipment. Due to the absence of suspension, I changed the default chinese tires to italian racing grade PMT E-fire. They are expensive like car ones, but they partially simulate the suspension, it’s not propagation hoax. Now i can turn like on motorcycle (not quite so :))

  2. Daniel Clement

    I am super satisfied with my X9 Max, and it brings me to work very reliably, I am overjoyed. It’s a lot of fun and you notice the quality work. Simply on top. Many people look surprised when I’m traveling at 40 km / h. Now you know that I’m a huge fan of the X10 this power, these shock absorbers woow. Saving up right now

  3. Joel (verified owner)

    First scooter I’ve bought. Bought it during Chinese new Years so a bit of a shipping delay (fast service response nonetheless). I live in arctic climate but this scooter pulls through if you take care of it. Fully recommended!

  4. Adam

    Gave 3 because the quality is good, bu the battery capacity is not as described. Bought this brand new, it only lasts at a max of 35KM if I’m going 30km/h on average

  5. Jonny (verified owner)

    There’s cons and pros about it but mostly pros I live in canada so it took me 50 to 60 days for it to arrive they should put a factory in canada

  6. cptprice111

    I have this scooter and I ride it on the track for 60+ km… the only thing I regret about it is that they could have put a slightly stronger motor, about 750 watts and a maximum of 1500 watts… suspension and battery at a minimum of 20.6 Ah and at a maximum of 25+ Ah so that it would have a more realistic range of over a kilometer, and they could have put turn signals at least on the handlebars and half as strong front and rear lights so that people could see more in front of them… but those are actually my positions adavky and I can live with the scooter and take it as it is!

  7. Daniel Clement

    Best scooter EVER! I have the X9 max verry verry powerfull, my dream is the great brother HX X10

  8. Daniel

    The best e-scooter currently on the market, a lot of power, very stable and high quality for a small price. Very convenient is also that you can order directly from the manufacturer spare parts.

    My next dream is then sometime to own the X10, but it is currently not in the finances.

    Will however in Switzerland megawerbung for these extremely high-quality parts make.

    Thank you HX

  9. CJ

    Great service!
    I’m in customer service myself so i def appreciate it. Have a great day!

  10. Lukáš Latinák

    I really like my HX9 Plus, it’s one of the best MiddleClass Scooter 👍

    Only two issues: The Range of 60km isn’t true when u drive more than 25km/h. Second, it don’t drive with 40km/h, it’s 37-38. With 3-4Bars Batterie only 34km/h. And if u drive 20 the gps speed shows only 18km/h.

    But…BUT it’s still a very good Scooter with a heavy weight about 25kg. But I really can recommend this solid scooter 👍

  11. Dirty Sheep

    I really like the HX, i have the X9Plus and its amazing, so comfortable to drive, i can drive i heavy rain and even during the winter i use my X9Plus all day. Only the front light is a bit tiny, the brightness i mean, not the lamp himself.

  12. Jean-Loup G.

    I received my X9 Pro Max (15,6 ah) two days ago… and I must say that I’m really impressed with the quality. It’s a rock solid scooter ! Really long range, the scooter is comfortable despite the lack of suspension. As mentioned previously by another contributor, the presence of a startup key would be a real plus to contribute to security. Add to that an odometer and this scooter would be perfect!
    Great thanks from France 🙂

  13. Lucian CT

    I got the X9 scooter 2 days ago, overall is a good scooter, scooter comes with the speed limit to 25 km according to the EU laws (got secret menu to release to 40). If this scooter would have had suspension, this scooter would be for me the perfect one ☺☺

  14. Johnni Pedersen (verified owner)

    Very nice scooter. I think it is a pro product.
    Some tips for next version: Turnlights for safety. Locks for the batteycover so you dont just can steal the battery. A funktion for lights always on i menu, its the law in Denmark. Lights on/off in display. A kind of alarm/key for starting scooter.
    Thanks for a good job.

  15. Александр

    Я купил скутер и привезти Россию. Спасибо вам.

  16. Mike Bass

    Very good electric scooter…..I think is over Segway MAX G30E….in my opinion X9 is the best commuter electric scooter. Cheers from Romania…….

  17. Jody Tomlinson

    I have clocked 588kms. I use it to commute to work and run errands. I Love you X9!

    An Indian Guru said. If you hate traffic (and I do) then change your perspective. Fly to work. Well I can’t afford a plane, so a scooter is the next best thing. Let me tell you. I LOVE TRAFFIC!! I ride the bike lane and laugh and ring my bell and pass everyone sitting in the summer heat.

  18. Merritt F

    I just purchased your scooter from a reseller in Europe (MS Energy). HX X9 power is 500w/1000w pic. with 36v 20.8Ah and a long range 75-90km….i’m 1.70m and 67kg and drove 80km in a single day…HX makes the best scooters

  19. catalin_neda (verified owner)

    I received the scooter last week. It took about 7 days to arrive in Romania. Previously I had a Xiaomi mi365 and this scooter is absolutely fantastic. I LOVE IT!!! Also, I want to thank the customer support guys who answered to all of my questions very fast! As a minus, I would mention the charging time, it takes over 9 hours from empty to full charge (10 hours max), and not 5-6 hours as advertised.

  20. Kiril R

    I confirm receiving the X9 scooter and I am happy with its performance, thanks! I was really impressed that the X9 Max e-scooter is really pulling it!

  21. Kenneth B

    I must say quality product based on all the scooters I have recently ridden. This exceeded our expectation by far in build quality and power/performance.

  22. Alejandro Fernandez

    I love my X9, I work 7kms from my home. On a full charge while on sport setting. I can get to work and home 3 days in a row before I need a charge. I can also recharge while at work because of swap battery .lol.
    With gas prices the way they are $2.40 per ltr. The 9x has saved me a bit of money in gas.
    This product is far better than anything offered in my local market place.

  23. Alexis Eynon

    Just got the X9 Couple MONTHS ago, it suits my style, it would be perfect if added suspension and dual motor for hill climb and bad roads etc!

  24. Cris Gillegao

    So far I’m happy, this is my first scooter, i hope to see more video tutorials in YouTube about fixing/changing tires, brake and breakpads troubleshoot etc.. on of my worries is. Where i can buy battery here since it’s removable battery, because more popular here is Xiaomi scooter and Segway ninebot..
    I can rate this scooter 4 out of 5. that’s how happy i am in this unit.

  25. Oguzhan Pekcetin

    It’s a super product and I’m glad to have the X9. Thumbs up 💪💪💪

  26. Logen

    I really like the quality that comes with HX brand. Just bought the X9 and i want my wife to ride with me, right now I’m holding some money for it!

  27. Ryan P

    Love my X9! Good scooter! I got this to my collection but wish was faster and dual motor

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HX X9 Packing

X9 Scooter Features

Powerful and Fast – Excellent engine performance, improved controllers provide efficient power for or up to 25 mph top speed.

Hill Climbing Torque – Rear wheel drive scooter, HX X9 Plus, 36V 500W peak at 850W; X9 PRO Max, 48V 550W deliver peak torque 1,100W. X9 electric scooter will get you up long uphills almost silently.

Long Range – Bigger HX X9 Scooter battery delivers a realistic 55 mile (90km) range, high efficiency 15.6Ah Li-ion.

Safety First – Dual disc brakes with superior stopping power and bright LED lights make X9 Plus Scooter a safe ride. (X9 Scooter Manual)

Intuitive Display – Smart LED displays speed and mileage, X9 Electric Scooter allows for easy gear selection and comes with cruise control via E Scooter P settings.

Ultimate Control – Dependable triple breaking system with quick response rear disk brake, E-ABS front break and foot brake.

Smooth Ride – X9 Scooter extra wide wheels combines with dual spring suspension make for a comfortable and stable riding experience.

Wireless Bounded –  Scooter HX X9 is the combination of real aesthetics and technology, without any exposed wires, meticulously crafted and impeccable.

Water Resistant – Rating of IPX5 for the whole body (IPX7 water resistance to its core components).

Well-Built Quality – Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy welding, one-piece molding, lightweight frame, stable and durable, lightweight and portable.

Stylish and durable – Seamless design and reinforced materials, the wide wheel HX X9 Plus is built to last and will turn heads as you glide along your city.

1000W Electric Scooter


  • Fast acceleration and torque to tackle city slopes with ease.
  • X9 scooter deliver peak power up to 800W / 1100W, max speed up to 25MPH / 40KMH and 25% hill grade climbing ability.
48V 750Wh Battery


  • Max range of up to 40-55 MILES.
  • Just 8 HOURS fast charging time.
  • Quick-swap battery for extended range.
Fat tire electric scooter


  • Wider 10in * 2.7-6.5 vacuum inflatable tires offer shock absorption and enhanced stability.
  • Dual Brake Discs (14cm)
X9 adult scooter size


  • 48.5 Inch/123 cm Handlebar – Steer With Ease.
  • 7.2 Inch wide standing space with 4.7 in of high ground clearance
  • The neck sits at a 8 degree incline, providing you with greater stability.
X9 Electric Scooter


  • Integrated wiring means no exposed lines, prevent cables from aging, leakage and damage.
  • Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy, one-piece molding, lightweight, durable.
X9 electric scooter P setting


  • Make your X9 electric scooter faster by simply release speed limit. (25 mph)
  • Dual Braking with EBS deliver strong braking power in both dry and wet conditions.
double brake disc


  • RWD is more fun to ride, more effective at getting motive power on the ground and generally skids a lot less, more stable.
X9 PRO Max scooter


  • 36V / 48V Optional (X9 Plus / X9 MAX).
  • HX X9 battery could be purchased separately (15.6Ah / 20.8Ah ).
  • Rating of IPX5 for the whole body.

Acceleration (0 to 25 mph)

5.1 seconds

Top speed

25 mph (40 kmh)

Braking distance (15 to 0 mph)

21.5 feet


48 miles (75 km)


X9 Plus – 36V/15.6Ah

X9 Max – 48V/15.6Ah

Net Weight



Frame Material

aluminum-magnesium alloy

Tire Size

10 inch anti puncture Vacuum tire

Max Range





Rated power

36V, 500W

48V, 550W

Maximum output power

36V, 850W

48V, 1100W

Climbing Angel



Battery capacity

15.6Ah lithium battery

Charger parameters



Motor driven

Rear wheel drive

Battery removal method

Portable and removable

Waterproof level


Charging time

5-6 hours

Applicable height


Load range



Li-ion – 15.6Ah


DC 42V, 2 A


100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Charging Time

Approx. 3 hours


36V / 48V – 15.6 Ah (562 Wh / 750Wh)

Operating Temperature

32 to 95 °F (0 to 35 °C)

Storage Time

3 months (after a full charge)

Overall Size43*17*47 inches
Folding Size43*18*18inches
Net Weight42 lb (19 kg)
What’s in the Box1* X9 Electric Scooter
1* X9 Scooter Battery (Installed)
1* X9 Charger
1* Took kits
1* Manual

The X9 electric scooter is an affordable, lightweight folding scooter ideal for urban commuters and short neighborhood trips. HX X9 is highly portable when folded yet rugged enough for daily riding. An eco-friendly alternative to gas vehicles for local travel, the X9 all-electric scooter produces zero emissions. It’s an ideal “first mile/last mile” solution for connecting to public transit or avoiding traffic and parking fees.

X9 Pro Folding Electric Scooter

The SUV of Adult Scooters

Commute farther & worry less about charging, long range X9 Plus scooter will take you further.

– Travels Up to 50 Mile / 80 Km Range on a single charge

– 25 Mph / 40 Kph Electric Scooter (X9 Variable Speed Kit)

– Powerful 850W / 1100W Peak Output, 36V/48V Motor

Smart Scooter Electrico

X9 Max – Get to your destination with style and ease.

Energy recovery system, prolong riding range. Six smart protections keep the safe and extend battery life.

HX X9 battery sold separately; X9 scooter seat available.

This X9 Max scooter is the versatile EV you’ve been needing in your life!

1000w X9 electric scooter
X9 Electric Scooter Tire

Wide Tire Scooter

Most Powerful, Max Comfort, Fastest Electric Scooter of HX 2021.

– 10In Vacuum Tyre, Fat Tire (10in * 2.7-6.5)

– One Die Casting Molding, Heat Treatment Strong Magnesium Alloy 

Best City Commuter Scooter with Minimalist design, no exposed cables.

Confident Breaking

A design for guaranteed quality and performance.

– Double Disc Brakes

– Headlight & Brake Light

HX X9 Scooter brings you joy, cares about your safety.

Reliable Quality

X9 Scooters apply to newest EU standards. A Luxury scooter like SUV “Cullinan”

Fast Delivery

X9 Scooter price including Free & Fast shipping to US and EU destinations.

Best Warranty

HX X9 Electric Scooter with 14 days no questions asked return policy

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