Electric Scooter with Removable Battery

Is It Worth Buying Removable Battery Electric Scooter?

removable battery scooter

E-scooter with detachable battery is becoming increasingly popular with customers and distributors. The removable battery electric bike scooter makes charging and maintenance easier and also ensures a longer range. Widely used on fat tire electric bikes or golf scooters.

Fun alternatives to commute in a car

According to US Census Bureau reports that the average one-way commuting time in 2021 was 27.6 minutes. Means if you drive to your job in the city to commute, it takes one hour each day. If moped bike was the first motorized vehicle to a car, the portable electric scooter would be the second to them all. Ebikes or scooters offer a fun alternative that is also a more eco-friendly way to your destination, offer the best value for money, making it the ideal electric vehicle to avoid traffic jams and being a great solution to serious parking problems.

Why removable battery for electric scooter?

However, one of the most critical reasons not to buy an electric car is “Range Anxiety”. How far can an electric scooter go on one charge? What if the scooter battery dies while driving to the destination? Fear of too few EV charging stations, long charge times etc.

A long range electric scooter might help to overcome these fears. However, we have limited battery capacity due to the compact design, so having an extra battery seems like a good solution. That’s why electric scooters with detachable battery in EV industry seems to be the way forward for large scooter manufacturers, because the first players in this niche market, such as Super Soco TC Max, NIU, Koppla Scooter or HX Scooter X8, all of them carry a removable battery pack. They have shown it is a solution that contrary to what happens with electric cars, it does favor that all audiences can be reached.

We bring you the electric scooter with removable battery, as to know what its strength is, if it is worth buying.

removable battery electric golf scooter
electric golf scooter

Advantages of electric scooter with detachable battery

1. Portable battery can be recharged or replaced flexibly
2. Extend range with a spare battery pack
3. Double battery can be economical for maintainance

Flexibility & Accessibility

Perhaps the greatest inconvenience when depending on public facilities with non-removable battery scooters is the network of charging stations. By detachable battery, you can charge your cool scooters at home rather than be forced to park them on the streets to complete a recharge. You don’t have to carry an electric scooter up stairs, simply swap out the battery off your electric moped or prepare a freshly charged spare battery pack. So individuals can continue their journey while one is charging.

Increased Range

There are many ways to increase electric scooter distance. Getting a larger battery (usually with more voltage 48V 52V or even 60V) to get more amp-hours can immediately boost your EV’s range. I mean if your current escooter motor and controller support a larger voltage than it has now. Besides the voltage, adding a second battery is the most reliable way to get more range out of your electric kick scooter.

X7 scooter
x8 pro electric scooter
swappable battery scooter

Economic for Wallet

Why are gas prices rising so high? How to beat rising fuel prices? Despite the fact that the cost of electricity has become the usual trend lately, when charging our moped scooter at home, the cost involved is lower than using any other public charging stations.

Also, we must take the repair cost into consideration of owing an electric moped. Most electric scooters have a return or warranty period. When they experience a battery fault, scooter dealers may request returning escooter. Given the complexity of a battery embedded in the chassis, the truth is that replacing a battery pack will be much cheaper on an electric scooter with removable battery than on one with a installed built-in battery.

Detachable battery scooters are trendy

The truth is, for those who do not have the problem to charge scooter electrico directly in their garage or usual parking space, detachable battery scooter is an added bonus. It’s likely that in the future most adult escooters will be offered with a detachable battery. This makes electric vehicle recovery much easier without long breaks in charging, riders do not have to carry the entire vehicle to the power source, and lower operating or maintenance cost as well.

Removable Battery E Scooter Buying Guide

– Motor Power: Basic Xiaomi electric scooter at 250 in watts, it  determines the  acceleration and climbing. The more watts, the faster the acceleration and better driving performance. If you aim to buy all terrain scooter, 750 Wh is the entry level we suggest.

– Top Range: Depends on the capacity of the battery and consumption. Entry-level models offer 5.0/7.8/10.4Ah battery, average range  of 15-25 miles , top models such as the HX electric scooter “X9 Plus” manage 50 miles based on 15.6Ah removable battery.

– Max Speed: Most folding electric scooter for adults have an average speed of 15 mph / 25 kmh, a large number of them can be unlocked speed up to 18mp /25 kmh. There are few of them can go quite faster than that, with the fastest electric scooter today being able to reach speeds of 70 mph / 120 kmh.

escooter buying guide

– Charging Time: In contrast to electric cars, there is not yet a quick charging option for electric scooters. Depending on the battery capacity and adapter amper, escooter charging time varies between 4-8 hours.

– E scooter bike with removable batteries are important when there is no enough charging facility near the parked scooter.

– Wheel Size: The  size of the wheels is crucial  for comfort when roll over bumps. Also suspension and effective brakes should be at the highest possible level, so that the vehicle can be driven stably and safely.

Best electric scooter with removable battery under 500

Below are scooter with removable battery that have attracted the most interest from previous HX Scooter users.




HX X9 Plus

HX X10

Top Speed (Maximum)






15 Mi

15 Mi

50 Mi

60 Mi

Motor (Maximum)



850W / 1100W


Motor (Nominal)

36V, 350W

36V, 350W

36V, 500W / 48V, 550W

48V 2*1200W





18.2 Ah


210 Wh

375 Watt-hours

560 / 750 Wh

1000 Wh

Battery Type





Tire Size

8.5 / 10 In

10 In

10 In

11 In

Tire Type

inflatable tires

inflatable tires

tubeless tire

tubeless tire

HX Scooter Store

Among the electric scooters with removable battery, we recommend the models X7 X8 scooter as best budget electric scooter. The X9 Plus scooter falls into the long range e-scooters with exchangeable batteries(battery is built within the deck board). And X10 Max electric scooter with detachable battery for off road purpose, dual motor scooter.

Scooter with removable battery FAQ

Various quality scooter manufacturers have already equipped their electric scooters with replaceable batteries, featured for easy re-charging and to swap out the drained battery with a fully charged battery. Including Nova Motors, NIU, HX Scooter and other golf scooter brands like Koppla Scooter.

The cost for an extra battery for your HX electric scooter will vary based on scooter models, and the battery capacity.

X7 scooter battery: $209/pc – 5.0Ah
X8 scooter battery: $259/pc – 10.4Ah
X9 scooter battery: $399/pc – 15.6Ah
X10 scooter battery: $459/pc – 20.8Ah

An extra battery will add between 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg to 7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg of weight to your HX scooter, depending on models and capacity.

HX e-scooter manufacturer offers two way of charging, built in a separate charging port especially for the battery. You could charge the scooter like all other models, or unplug the battery and connect to the charging socket and can then be pushed back into the escooter.

Keep in mind that most scooters are not true long range electric scooters. If you really need a lot of range from your scooter, simply go with e scooter with removable battery.

Pull out the release button on the top of the battery and push / pull the battery pack upwards / downwards.

Pull out / in the battery horizontally until an audible click can be heard, indicating that the battery pack has been locked in place properly.

The range, i.e. the duration of driving, is limited by the battery capacity. With an E Scooter battery 36v you can drive between 10 to 25 miles. If you want to make the battery last longer, you should charge and ride your electric scooter regularly, and don’t drain or overcharge your battery.

Generally, a scooter battery will need to be replaced in every 2 to 3 years, after 500 to 800 cycles of charging and discharging. Especially if you notice that your battery is sluggish or does not hold as much of a charge as it used to.

Electric scooter batteries will last between 2 to 3 years and between 800 to 1500 charging cycles depending on storage, riding habits, and battery capacity.

x7 scooter battery

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