Why Fat Tire Electric bike


What Is A Fat Tire Bike?

Electric bike with fat tires is an ebike with much wider tires. A regular MTB is between 2.0-2.6 inches width, while a fat tire is typically between 4-5 inches. The fat tire e bike still uses a 20-inch wheel to seat on tires. However, because of the big tire volume, it feels like you’re riding a proper 26-inch ebike. You’ll find that when comparing a 20 inch fatbike to a 26 inch regular bike, the outside diameter is even larger.

Are Fat Tire Bikes Good?

At first glance, fat tire e bike or fat tire scooter really seems like showing off at first, but they’re great for muddy ground soften by rain or snow. And that’s no surprising the fat bike tires were originally designed for the forests, wide open spaces and snowy landscapes of North America, but there is now a real star in the bike shop too.

Electric fat tire bike like HX Q3 are perfect for rough terrain and almost any weather. There is good cushioning, it takes away a lot of the chatter you encounter on the trails like roots, rocks and small bumps. It’s not for nothing that snow bikes are also known as hunting bikes. 

Who is the fatbike suitable for?

The external appearance of the fat tire electric bikes are a real eye-catcher but may take some time getting used to – and it’s definitely not for everyone.

Of course you can glide over asphalt with the fat bike – but if you only ride on paved roads, buying a fat bike doesn’t really make sense. Its strengths are the high traction and outstanding grip – at any time of the year, even in winter, which cyclists tend to fear, and on loose surfaces.

The riding experience of electric fat tire bike is superior even without a suspension fork and the tire volume neutralizes impacts very effectively. Are outstanding maneuverability and speed particularly important to you? The fat bike is primarily about its off -road mobility, and of course, the great fun that this bike brings with it. That suits you? Then rely on professional fatbiking purchase advice, because the best way to find out if fat tire bike is perfect for you is to ask a specialist who already own one.

“For me, your fat bike wheels and tires depend entirely on your riding style and the conditions you live in. If you’re using the bike for daily commute, my weapon of choice would be a 14inch folding ebike, but if you’re going to be using your big, burly bike to rip through rough terrain, I’d go for a 20-inch wheel with a nice fat one tires. I wouldn’t want to lose all the benefits and fun of riding a fat bike on the trails, even if it means pedaling just a little harder.” fat bike enthusiasts – JEFF BARBER.

What are fat tire bikes for ?

Fat bikes can be used on any terrain. That means you can use them for any reason you want, you can’t race them. However, you can use them for:

  • Golfing Scooter
  • Trail Riding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Beach Cruising
  • Exercise
  • Errands
  • Off-road Commuting
  • Mountain biking

Why is fat tire e-bike so expensive?

There are several important parameters when it comes to e-bike prices.

Motors & Batteries are often regarded as the most expensive components of an electric-bike, and the cost of those parts can vary wildly from a few hundred for a low-cost unit to well over $1,000 for some of the nicer ones. This is also the parts you really don’t want to go too cheap on, as it desides how far you can ride and how much torque when you really want to speed up.

The currently most powerful engines are Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, and best battery comes from Samsung, LG, Panasonic.


But we cannot say that the most powerful motors and batteries are the best. On the one hand is the budget, on the other hand it depends on personal needs. Someone who just wants to ride comfortably through the city neither needs the power nor is it legal to ride a beast on road.  

What’s more, cheaper e-bikes will come eventually, the cost of e-bikes and components will fall as the technology matures.

Can a fat tire bike be your only bike?

If you could only have one bike, do you think the versatility of a fat bike would make it your ideal bike?

In short, yes, fat tire ebike is the perfect bike for those who want a little more adventure on two-wheels, as they’re handling great on off-roading outdoors and all weather pattern.

The tires, the frame, the brakes, the entire bike is almost built just for going off road. Powerful, fast, easy to use, and so much fun –It offers a smooth ride over the rough trails and off-map adventures, and gobbles up pretty much anything on the road. The lower wheel PSI also provides incredible traction, especially on loose and sloppy surfaces, while hillclimbing traction is insane


If you’re one of those riders who wants to go all-in on one, navigate all terrains all seasons on a single bike. No more waiting until springtime to dust off the saddle, you want continue to ride the bike year-round. Then you should seriously consider an electric bike with fat tires.

Whether you’re using the fat tire electric bikes as commuter bike or the family’s new favorite light EV to get around, fat eBikes offer a fun alternative to your traditional vehicle when venturing outdoors for shot trips.

fat tire bike battery

HX Q3 Fat Tire Bike

750w Electric Bike cranks its speed at 25 mph with 20×4 fat bike tires

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