X10 Electric Scooter Review

What to look for in off road scooter? How to choose all terrain scooter?

HX X9 plus

Cool scooters are great to get around the world, but if you’re looking for the best off road scooter that ensures you rolling in style and a bit challenge to ride on off-road terrain, then all terrain scooter is awesome because they’re so versatile on rough terrain.

HX Scooter launched a new dual motor electric scooter known as the “X10”, expanding the brand’s presence on off road scooters for adults.

dual motor electric scooter

What features to make an off road electric scooter “The Best”?

For those already knowing about off road scooters, it may be obvious what features stand out for needs.

  • Dual motors for better climbing and high-performance riding experience
  • Strong battery for extended range and power output
  • Advanced safety mechanics and construction for daily riding, including shock absorption and brake system
  • Durable build quality for long-term ownership

What Makes X10 Electric Scooter “Off-Road Capable”?

When it comes to off-road capability, the key factor to look for in off-road e scooter include: power, range, speed, and most importantly, improved ride quality to tackle obstacles like suspensions, ATV tires, and safety brakes. For comparison, an all terrain electric scooter and a budget city scooter both have the same core components, but best off road electric scooter should cover all kinds of terrain offering a great advantage over normal scooters.

However, if you’re going semi off road, with varying terrains but not too much of speed, climbing rocks and jumps but handles city commuting at the same time, then the X10 scooter would be the perfect off-road electric scooter can meet both transportation and entertainment needs.

Here are a list of reasons why X10 off-road electric scooter is a multi-terrain capable scooter:

Electric Scooter Off road

Motor Power

The most crucial parts for off-road electric scooters is the motor, the capability to climb steep hills of more than 20 degrees. Then what is the basic entry level to meet this requirement?

To put it simply, you don’t need to consider an off road scooter with a battery level of less than 750 Wh. Riders will find struggling to dominate hills and other inclines base on 750W power. We recommend output over 1000W motor (weather, terrain, and total weight also need to be considered).

HX X10 scooter comes with dual drive 1200 Watts electric motors  that torques up to 2400W of peak power, this high speed motor tackles most terrains and inclines whilst reaching max speeds of 32 mp/h.

X10 scooter motor

Quality Design

If you want to take a wild adventure, then the build quality of off road moped must be strong and sturdy, capable of absorbing the shock of riding on rugged and bumpy roads while keeping the gravity stable. Not only will a durable structure helps in riding smoothly, but also excellent shock absorption remains much safer to ride offroad than street scooters.

X10 off-road Scooter built with one-piece Magnesium alloy frames, far more durable and light weight than other steel counterparts. Dual motor electric scooter X10 also equipped with independent suspension system, which can absorb bumps to the maximum. A good design incorporates everything:

  • Dual drive motor (2*1200W)
  • 20.8 Ah Detachable battery
  • Dual braking system
  • Strong and Durable Frame
  • Front & rear suspension (Dual spring suspension)
  • Wide, spacious deck (measures up to two feet in length)
  • 11” Off-road pneumatic tires
  • IP54 waterproof and cable protection
  • Max load 120+ Kg
X10 scooter shock absorption

Safe Brakes

Currently, disc brakes are now standard parts on off-road electric scooters for its better heat dissipation and easier to repair and replace. X10 electric scooter 25 mph has 16cm double disc brakes in front and rear, an ABS system that can compensate for the possibility of wheel locking, does wonders between stopping in time and having a collision.

When off-roading on a new route, anything can happen. Performance and safety gear alike at all times is integral especially when riding on rough terrain or uneven terrain.

X10 scooter throttle


You don’t want electric scooter battery dead when halfway home from exploring the nature. Long range electric scooter should offer at least 25+ miles base on a real world mileage.

Off road scooter X10 comes with 20.8 Ah detachable battery, covers 50+ miles range on one charge in real-word. And two way charging for option, means you don’t have to carry a 30 kg dual motor electric scooter up a flight of stair to charge. What’s more, X10 scooter battery built within the deck, possessing an IP54 waterproof rating to be ridden in light rain.

X10 electric scooter battery

ATV Tires

Even if you are not adventure enthusiastic, you will not refuse smoothen out bumpy rides. The wider and larger the ATV tires, the smoother the ride.  X10 electric scooters equipped with 11×4 inch off-road tubeless pneumatic tires. They swallow up the brunt of most impacts while offering greatest grip and traction, work excellent with X10 e-scooter full suspension to provide excellent stability and a great riding experience.

X10 scooter wheel
dual motor electric scooter X10

Full Suspension

Adequate suspension also plays an incredibly important role in off-road vehicles to keep riding safely. Ride on off road moped through rugged and bumpy roads requires a strong and sturdy frame to cope with complex road conditions. X10 Off-road electric scooters have a durable frame structure and dual shock absorption to hold the rider’s weight. Implementing a scooter with independent suspension is often a work of innovation.

Riding an off-road adventure scooter to explore nature or going hunting, you can get more fun on off-road riding, Dual motor scooter X10 is definitely a best choice off road electric scooter for adults.

electric scooter suspension


IP rating means protection of all exposed cabling, battery, motor and other electric components against dust and water damage. Unsurprisingly, part of all terrain electric scooter is dealing with adverse off roading conditions including weather. Waterproof electric scooter means that you can head off-road with confidence.

Although many governments have established heavy regulations with safety rules and requirements on permitting city electric scooters, but others have no restrictions in place. X10 off road e scooter comes with an IP54 water-resistant rating for moderate protection against rogue splashes at any angle.

*Any waterproof e scooter with an IP54 rating proves safe to ride offroad, although we still recommend avoiding heavy rain, slippery mud, snow or submerging your scooter. We recommend always giving a test ride before taking your off road electric scooter off-roading.

X10 Off Road Scooter

if you’re going semi off road, with varying terrains but not too much of speed, climbing rocks and jumps but handles city commuting at the same time, then the X10 scooter with dual motor, peak 2400W off road scooter would be the perfect offroad electric scooter can meet both transportation and entertainment needs.

Max Speed of X10 scooter is 50km/h or 32 mph at battery voltage 48V.

Access throttle P setting, set the value to “FF” on P4. Learn more

X10 e-scooter has dual motor of 1200W, total output power levels as much as 2400 Watts, not like the most budget commuter scooter X7 or X8 electric scooter 350W, struggling to dominate hills and other inclines, X10 is quite an all terrain capable scooter.

HX riders could set dual / single motor scooter X10 via P3 Setting, Front Drive or Rear Drive or Dual Drive on Throttle setting Value: F=Front; B=Rear; D=Dual

Off road electric scooter X10 can go up to 100 km (60 miles) on a full charge, powered by 18.2 Ah removable battery which takes 6-8 hours to charge completely.

The HX X10 electric scooter can be folded in one step. The folding buckle comes at your fingertips in 3 seconds.

Yes. X10 dual motor scooter comes with detachable battery pack design. Easy to be removed and recharged.

1- Unscrew and lift the pedal cover
2- Unplug the battery pack

Super convenient if you need a new replacement. You can buy one from HX scooter online store or local official distributors.

HX X10 scooter net weight is 72 lbs (33kg), X10 Max scooter weight limit is 330lbs (150kg).

All HX scooters are at IP54 waterproof level. Riding on a drizzling day is acceptable. But we don’t suggest riding it on a slipper surface for rider’s safety.

X10 dual motor scooter supports two way charging, you can charge the HX scooter X10 by plugging in the charger to a standard wall outlet or remove the battery pack to charge it separately.

Low environmental impact e-scooters are all over the place. Many people use them to get home from the city centre as a cheaper alternative to a taxi or other public transportation. A real budget solution to the ‘final mile’ problem.

In most cases, Electric Scooters are not classified as full motor vehicles and therefore it is unusual that the police would appear to stop you on streets.

Legally, they’re illegal to use on public roads, cycle lanes and pavements. The only e-scooters that can be ride on public roads are those Shared electric scooters as part of government-backed trials. 

X10 Off Road Electric Scooter

X10 Electric Scooter

  • 2400W Dual motor
  • Fast speed to 32 Mph / 50 kph
  • Top Range 60+ Miles / 100 km
HX X10 Scooter

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