X9 Electric Scooter Review

X9 Scooter Unboxing & Review

25 mph electric scooter X9 travels up to 50 miles, the most capable adult scooter in HX Store

X9 plus scooter
X10 Scooter

Like bakeware, home fitness equipment, coffee product and home office supply, electric scooters became a hot and trendy gadgets during the global pandemic. X9 electric scooter is actually the latest adult models, most powerful adult scooter from HX E Scooter Store so far, aim to meet the demand for faster speed and longer range scooter for adults.

HX X9 scooter is seriously powerful. HX X9 Plus is just kind of the bigger brother of the X8 PRO electric scooter. Riders can already feel the power of this E Scooter just from the design. It reviewed as the best Boosted REV alternative.

X9 Electric Scooter Review

X9 Scooter Unboxing & Assembly

HX X9 electric scooter comes in two versions (36V 500W / 48V 550W). This stand up scooter comes partially assembled, leaving you just to install simple screws into the handlebar at the top of the stem. Six screws to be exact. Four flat head screws that go into the sides. Two round head screws that go into the front.

X9 adult scooters are well packaged with polystyrene foam to protect the wheels, also protect the stem and handlebar from the rest of the scooter. The X9 e scooter is out of the box raise the stem, lock it into position, install the handlebar into the top of the stem and screw the six screws. In remembering that the round headed ones are at the front, and the flathead ones on the side.

HX X9 Plus scooter also has a new closing latch system. You just need to move the little switch up. And then pull the lever down to close the stem and to lock into position just pull push the lever up.

Speed & Range – 25 mph electric scooter

X9 electric scooter has an even crazier speed than HX X8 Scooter which was impressive max at 32 kmh (unlock X8 max speed). This X9 MAX breaks even further and is 40 km/h. So seriously your hair is going to be all over the place, and you must wear a helmet I advise when you are riding adult scooters in 40 kmh speed (25 mph).

The range doesn’t lose anything still stays at 100 kilometers (20.8.ah battery). HX X9 electric scooter is so impressive. You could just feel it’s a bigger stronger more stable, and clearly X9 Plus is the fastest scooter in HX Store.

Scooter X9 Motor Power

HX X9 scooter has a 36V 500W (X9 Plus) motor driving the rear wheel. Really powerful motor output peak 850 Watts. And X9 Max Scooter ranked 1,100W power for its 48V version motor. Can climb an incline of up to 25 degrees. That’s a lot of climbing power for a portable electric scooter. If you’re looking for off road HX Scooters, check our X10 Scooter instead.


X9 Scooter Battery

There are three different battery combinations ranging from 10.4ah up to 20.8ah. X9 PRO also has a removable battery, just like X6 backpack scooter, X7 PRO, X8 Scooter. Only HX X9 scooter battery was installed into the footplate. You’ll need to undo two securing screws and lift the cover to remove the batter pack. Once you open it up, you’ll see all the way around the battery bay sealed with rubber to keep out the moisture.

With a removable battery scooter, you can take it out of the foldable scooter to charge. It could be particularly useful if you live up a flight of stairs or your office is upstairs. You can just take the battery out to charge it. Or you can just leave it in the scooter and charge it in the device.

x9 PRO scooter battery

HX X9 Brake System

Faster scooter come with safer brake system than previous model like HX X7, X8 scooter. The HX X9 Plus has dual brake levers. We can see the hydraulic disc brake system. It’s got front and rear disc brakes. Of course, you can stop the X9 scooter with Pedal brake as well. Because it’s has a larger motor, hence you need more stopping power and shorter brake distance, remember, you got an electric scooter 25 mph anyway.

electric scooter p settings

10 inch Scooter Tires

The tyres are 10 inches and 2.7 inches wide, means they’re a lot wider than most common adult models of foldable scooter. You get a lot more suspension and absorption with the fat tires. These wide wheels are actual anti-puncture vacuum tires which is important to point out.

Waterproof - IP54

X9 E scooter has a waterproof level of IP54. If you are going to be getting caught up in any rain or anything like that, no problem. You can have some fun in puddles and stuff with this. Although the scooter is rated as IP54 as that splash and water resistant. it’s not designed to go through floods and puddles and lakes.

X9 Scooter More Features

The frame and controls haven’t changed much with the X10 scooter. Turning on button, turning the system, lights on and off, also you could do it on e scooter control app (HX E-Scooter APP). Double click the mode button and enter the E-scooter P settings. You just press both buttons together. and then you can actually change it from miles per hour to kilometers per hour. You can also turn the cruise control on and off through the p settings.

The red button is your key part to accelerating to drive. It’s the thumb throttle to do the acceleration. You can press the red button and it slowly accelerates and then it will carry you off into the distance at a whopping 40 hour all the way to 100 km distance.

HX X9 frame is made of aluminum magnesium alloy which means it’s really strong. It mildly heavier at 18 kilograms, but it’s also foldable and portable. The stem has a hook for hanging things, which is very useful. Especially for ladies, you can hang your bag on it, which takes the load off and then frees up your hands.

Read more HX Scooter SPECS.

HX X9 scooter

X9 E-Scooter Price

The X9 electric scooter is the latest scooter for adults from HX company. It has many upgrades compared to the X7 PRO and X8 Scooter. It’s a great motor scooters for sale at $649, quite a bargain scooter compare to Boosted REV electric scooter. Now you can buy it on the www.hxescooter.com



X7 Pro Scooter

X8 Scooter

HX X9 Plus

X10 Off Road

Top speed


20 mph

20 mph

25 mph

35 mph


10 miles

15 miles

25 miles

50 miles

60 miles


Front: 36V, 250W

Front: 36V, 350W

Front: 36V, 350W

Rear: 36V/500W 48V/550W

Dual: 48V, 2x1200W







Speed mode


3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)



8.5/10-inch tubeless pneumatic

10-inch pneumatic

10-inch vacuum tires

11-inch Off road


F Electronic & Rear disk brake

Electronic & Rear disk brake

Electronic & Rear disk brake

Dual disc brakes

Dual disc brakes


36V 5Ah, Removable

36V 5Ah, Removable

36V 10.4Ah, Removable

36V / 48V 15.6Ah, Removable

48V 18.2Ah, Removable


23.85 lb.

27 lb.

30 lb.

41 lb.

57 lb.







x9 pro max scooter


The HX X9 Plus is a neat, tidy electric scooter that looks nice and rides well, leave the space for the number plate in case we need those in the future. It may not be the fastest electric scooter in the market, but then again, it’s the best long range commuter scooter, more affordable than the high-end brands like Booted Rev, NIU Scooter Q3.
If you like electric scooters and need one electric vehicle for urban commuting, consider the HX X9 scooter, it won’t let you down. If you’d like more powerful city scooter, hold your breath for HX X10 then. dual motor 2,400w, off road scooter, front & rear suspension.
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  1. I have since last year but I sell limited 48v model that has ranges of about 30 miles real world. Have gotten 40miles max range one time. 36v get ranges of up to 25 miles.
    Speeds are limited to max of 23mph and as battery sag sets in you get an average speed of 20mph.
    Front stem design is very strong and folder design like other HX scooter. I prototyped this model for them since this time last year. Helped with a few design changes from real world driving I did on the units.
    30 degree hill climb for 48 volt model that I sell. 25 degree for 36 volt.
    Much better than ninebot max with torque and range but not as water proof due to removable battery. Lot more fun to drive. 550 RMS motor has way more get up and go than Ninebot max. I have multiple units with over 1000 miles and no issues.
    Been selling out nonstop since I started selling them last year. Each shipment is always sold out before they arrive. Big thing for customers is real world after sales support they offers, thumbs up 100%!

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