How HX E-Scooter APP Works

HX E-Scooter APP function NOT applicable for EU / US stock, ONLY available for orders from CN.

HX Electric Scooter is your ideal carbon-free option for any first/last mile trip. Get to your destination faster and having fun doing it!

HX is a leading manufacturer of electric scooters and e bikes. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or just go for a weekend ride to explore your city. HX Escooter aim to meet any of above need, preference or comfort level. With the HX E Scooter app, get from point A to B safely and with style.

Download HX Electric Scooter App

Search for “HX E-Scooter”; Download and install HX Scooter APP in Google Play or IOS APP Store.

HX users can view current riding speed, mileage, battery power, gear mode, light status, etc (E-Scooter APP Support ALL HX Scooters– X6 / X7 / X8 / HX X9).

HX Scooter riders can also lock the E-scooter from electronic, turn on/off lights, adjust gears, select display units, startup methods, turn on GPS navigation, and update the scooter system on HX E Scooter app.

HX E Scooter App Store

HX Scooter on App Store

HX E Scooter APP's latest version is 2.0.6, updated in Dec 2021, resolved network error during register and login. Support over 10 languages such as English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Arabic etc

Hx E Scooter Google Play

HX Scooter on Google Play

HX Electric Scooter is categorized as Auto & automobiles. The most recent version is 3.1, which was released on February 16, 2022. HX E-Scooter has over 3,000 installs on Google Play, according to the app store.

Register an Account

Users can register a new account or or sign in the HX APP. Open the APP and choose your country, register the HX E Scooter with your mobile phone number or email. It’s silly easy and quick.

Connecting HX Electric Scooter

Log in and turn on the mobile phone’s Bluetooth and connect to HX Scooter (the Scooter is on)

During using / operating the HX EScooter APP to control the Scooter according to your needs; You can enter the address you want to navigate; When you finish using it, you can disconnect from the  e-Scooter by turning off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone or exiting the current APP account.

HX E-Scooter Interface

HX E Scooter APP
HX Electric Scooter APP

How to Use HX Scooter APP

HX scooter app interface

HX Electric Scooter P Settings

There are two buttons on the HX Scooter throttle: Power and Menu, allow customers to adjust features like cruise control, zero-start/kick-start, and speedometer units (mph/kph), release the maximum speed or the like. How to access P-settings for LCD finger throttles, which you can adjust, and which presets you should not mess with. How to Control / Adjust P Settings?

HX's Misson

HX Electric Scooters and bikes are emissions-free, commuting just became a lot easier on scooting– trips for coffee, shopping, entertainment, using public transit, or just visiting with friends are now simple, convenient, and accessible. Our mission is to create a future with less traffic, noise and pollution, allowing cities to be greener and more livable.

Need to customized Escooter APP with features needed for your own? Want to know how to wholesale HX Electric Scooter? Contact, or find more info at

HX Electric Scooter Comparison - X6 X7 X8 X9 X10



X7 Pro Scooter

X8 Scooter

HX X9 Plus

X10 Off Road

Top speed


20 mph

20 mph

25 mph

35 mph


10 miles

15 miles

25 miles

50 miles

60 miles


Front: 36V, 250W

Front: 36V, 350W

Front: 36V, 350W

Rear: 36V/500W 48V/550W

Dual: 48V, 2x1200W







Speed mode


3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)



8.5/10-inch tubeless pneumatic

10-inch pneumatic

10-inch vacuum tires

11-inch Off road


F Electronic & Rear disk brake

Electronic & Rear disk brake

Electronic & Rear disk brake

Dual disc brakes

Dual disc brakes


36V 5Ah, Removable

36V 5Ah, Removable

36V 10.4Ah, Removable

36V / 48V 15.6Ah, Removable

48V 18.2Ah, Removable


23.85 lb.

27 lb.

30 lb.

41 lb.

57 lb.







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