HX Electric Scooter P Settings

HX Scooter P Settings

All HX E-Scooters are outfitted with factory default LED cockpit and throttle, and we have received many inquiries from X7 X8 scooter riders about how to setup a HX electric scooter. If you have the same question with X9 scooter as well, read on.

What Can I Do with Throttle Setting

There are two buttons on the HX Scooter throttle: Power and Menu, allow customers to adjust features like cruise control, zero-start / kick-start, and speedometer units (mph/kph), release maximum speed or the like. Read on and learn how to access P-settings for LCD finger throttles, which you can adjust, and which presets you should not mess with.

Disclaimer: This P-settings database is based on factory default settings, change p-settings at your own risk; Please beware increase the max speed of HX electric scooter maybe need registration as a road vehicle in some countries or states, check the local laws before doing! (HX E Scooter SPECS)

X9 Scooter P Setting

How to Access HX Escooter P-Settings

There are 4 adult models in HX Scooter Store, Scooter X6, X7, X8, X9, how to access the P4 setting on the X9 scooter may slightly differently, but generally the same steps to access the menu:

  1. Power on your scooter.
  2. Long press the Power & Function button at the same time to enter the menu setting, screen displays “P0”.
  3. Press the Function key to toggle through the setting items of P0-P2.
  4. Use the Power button to get to the P* setting.
  5. Press the Function key to adjust required value.
  6. Press the Power button to exit the P* setting item.
  7. Hold the Power & Function button at the same time to save & exit the menu settings.

P-Settings on HX X7 X8 Scooters

P-settings allow scooter riders to customize their ride on scooter. The 4 programmed features as below: 

P0: Speedometer units (km/mile) switch — Kilometers = 0 (default) | Mile = 1

P1: Cruise Control setting — Cruise On 1 (default) | Non-cruising = 0

P2: Startup mode setting(kick-to-start or zero-start) — 0 start = 0 | Non-zero start = 1 (above 3km/h, default)

P4: 3 gears maximum speed setting — Speed limit 20KM/H = 20 | Speed limit 25KM/h = 25 Unlimited speed = FF 4

20 mph electric scooter

How to make HX electric scooter go faster?

Remove the Speed Limiter to Maximum 32km/h (20mph) on X8 scooter, X7 PRO electric scooter.

Some riders claim X9 Scooter could not enter P4 setting to remove the max speed limits, as we OEM for various scooter importers, some wholesaler may customized their speed or APP program to meet local street law with non-adjustable version, but it doesn’t mean scooter X9 not supporting speed settings. Just get a variable speed kit for X9 scooter here.

X9 Electric Scooter P Setting

The HX X9 Scooter parameter P4 is hidden, which is different from other HX adult scooters setting method.

  1. Press Power & Function key at the same time to enter the menu setting, and the screen displays “P0”
  2. Press Function key to switch to the P1 setting item;
  3. After holding the brake lever, press and hold the Function button for 2 seconds to enter P4 to release the brake lever;
  4. Press the Power button to enter the P4 setting item;
  5. Press the Function key to set the required P4 value, the specific values are shown in the previous section; (when the third gear speed is adjusted to FF unlimited speed, the second gear speed is 20km/h; when the third gear speed is adjusted to the speed limit 20/25km/h , the second gear speed limit is 15km/h)
  6. Press the Power and Function button at the same time to save & exit the P menu settings

Please note: Below video instruction 25 mph electric scooter X9 factory default setting speed is 6-15-25km/h, release to 40kmh(25mph). If your HX e scooter is already 6-20-40km/h, then can not be released faster than that. How to make X10 scooter faster?

X10 Scooter P Setting Values


Value (Default Speed Setting 10-20-40 / Default: Dual Motor Drive at 40km/h)

P0 → (KM/MILE)Switch

KMH → 0(Default)

MPH→ 1


P1 → Cruise Control

Cruise → 1(Default)

Non-Cruising → 0


P2 → Startup Mode

0 Start → 0

Non 0 Start → 1(Kickstart above 3km/h Default)

P3 → Drive Mode

d  → Dual Drive(Default)

F  → Front Drive

b  → Rear Dive

P4 → 3 Gears Max Speed

Speed Limit 20KM/H → 20

Speed Limit 25KM/h → 25

Speed Limit → 40KM/h ; Unlimited → FF(50km/h)

How To Adjust HX E-Scooter's P-Settings

Unit of Measure Setting Key: P0
Mph = 1 / Kmh = 0

1) With the scooter turned on, hold down the Menu & Power buttons at the same time.
2) The setting P0 will come up, which controls the setting for mph / kmh.
3) Press the Power button to edit settings
4) Toggle to “1” using the Menu button to change to Mph. Or, toggle to “0” to change to Kmh.
5) Press the Menu & Power buttons at the same time to exit set up mode.

Reach your desired speed and keep this speed unchanged by holding the throttle for six seconds to enable cruise control.

Cruise Control Setting Key: P1 — On = 1 / Off = 0

Here how to use Menu and Power button switch from Kick-start to Zero Start on all HX electric scooter.

Scooter Startup Mode Setting Key: P2 — Zero start = 0 / Kick start = 1 (above 3km/h, default)

To free the speed limit, go into settings mode and navigate to P4. By HX factory default, all HX scooters are configured to ride at efficiency mode, but this can be released to maximum speed by following instructions outlined in the video. The Maximum speed-limit setting (P4 function) are:

Value = FF: full-function (18mph)
Value= 25: 25kph / 15mph
Value= 20: 20kph / 13mph

Access throttle P setting, set the value to “FF” on P4. Learn more

Yes, HX riders could set Front Drive or Rear Drive or Dual Drive via P3 Setting, Value: F=Front; B=Rear; D=Dual

HX Electric Scooter Comparison - X6 X7 X8 X9 X10



X7 Pro Scooter

X8 Scooter

HX X9 Plus

X10 Off Road

Top speed


20 mph

20 mph

25 mph

35 mph


10 miles

15 miles

25 miles

50 miles

60 miles


Front: 36V, 250W

Front: 36V, 350W

Front: 36V, 350W

Rear: 36V/500W 48V/550W

Dual: 48V, 2x1200W







Speed mode


3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)

3 (P4 Adjustable)



8.5/10-inch tubeless pneumatic

10-inch pneumatic

10-inch vacuum tires

11-inch Off road


F Electronic & Rear disk brake

Electronic & Rear disk brake

Electronic & Rear disk brake

Dual disc brakes

Dual disc brakes


36V 5Ah, Removable

36V 5Ah, Removable

36V 10.4Ah, Removable

36V / 48V 15.6Ah, Removable

48V 18.2Ah, Removable


23.85 lb.

27 lb.

30 lb.

41 lb.

57 lb.







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