HX Scooter Review

X6 Scooter

HX X6 Electric Scooter | 15-20KM RANGE | 5.0Ah | 250W | 36V | BACKPACK ELECTRIC SCOOTER – 5.5″ WHEELS

HX X6 Electric Scooter Review 

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – 22 lbs, quick fold design, the X6 folding electric scooter can be put into a backpack and taken to anywhere you want.


  • 36V, 5Ah Detachable Battery, High Performance Cells, Safe to Transport
  • Smart Battery Management System Protects Battery Safety
  • Quick Fold Design, Compact Size, Real Backpack Scooter
  • LCD Display, On-Board Computer
  • Bright LED Front Lamp
  • Advanced Shock-proof Spring Makes Comfortable Riding


  • Powered With DC 36V / 250W Motor, Reach Max Speed 25km/h
  • Portable And Removable Li-ion Battery
  • Motor Drive Mode: Sine wave control output
  • X6 Charger: 42V 2.0A

X7 Electric Scooter

X7 Scooter | 15-20KM RANGE | 5.0Ah | 350W | 36V | REMOVABLE BATTERY ELECTRIC SCOOTER – 8.5″ / 10″ WHEELS

Folded dimensions41 by 16 by 18 in
Motor power, continuous350 W
Top speed20 mph
Range16 mi
Battery capacity230 Wh
Battery recharge time6 hrs
Max rider weight280 lb
Brake typeRegenerative + Disc
Tire type8.5 / 10 inch pneumatic tires / inflatable

X7 E-Scooter

The X7 Pro Electric Scooter is one of the cheapest e-scooters with a removable battery, light enough to carry an extra pack when X7 runs out of power.

X7 Pro Electric Scooter

X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter | 25-35KM RANGE | 10.0Ah | 350W | 36V | 20 Mph Electric Scooter – 10″ X7 Pro Scooter  

The X8 electric scooter is essentially X7 folding electric scooter upgraded with a larger battery, extended range in distance.

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slidgo X8 Review


Top speed : 32Km/h
Range : 30-35 Km
Grade Ability : 15 degree


Motor type : DC brushless motor
Motor power : 350W Front Motor
Rated voltage : 36V Battery
Battery type : 18650 Lithium battery
Battery capacity :  10Ah
Tire Size: 10 Inch Inflatable

X9 Scooter

X9 Plus / X9 Max Electric Scooter | 70-90KM RANGE | 15.6Ah | 550W | 36V/48V | 25 Mph Electric Scooter – 10″ X9 Pro Scooter  

HX X9 Electric Scooter

  • Removable 36V or 48V battery: can be charged in or out of the scooter
  • Max Speed: 20-25mph
  • 500W or 550W rear drive motor
  • Suitable for inclines & heavier riders
  • Front & Rear Disc Brakes: with front & rear brake levers
  • Extra Wide Footplate: allowing both feet be facing forward
  • Wide 10” vacuum tyres: no inner tunes
  • Foldable Design: easy to transport
  • Safety features: front & rear lights, front & rear disc brakes
  • Ready to use: every scooter checked/setup before delivery

Aimed at users who are looking for greater range, higher top speed & improved climbing ability, but with unique HX removable battery design and build quality.

X10 Scooter

X10 Electric Scooter | 100+KM RANGE | 18.6Ah | Dual Motor 2400W | 48V | 35 Mph Electric Scooter – 11″ X10 Off Road Scooter  

HX X10 Scooter An Off Road Electric Scooter with All Key Features

X10 electric scooter comes with 2*1200W motors, total output at 2400 Watts. The maximum speed is 32 MPH when dual drives are running at the same time.

What features to make an e-scooter off road “the best”?

  • Dual motors for climbing and high-performance riding
  • Strong battery for extended range and power output
  • Advanced safety mechanics and construction for daily riding
  • Durable build quality for long-term ownership

Rated Power

48V / 1200W*2

Tire Size

11 inch Vacuum tire

Max Range

100 km


40 km/h


Front & Rear shock absorbers

Battery capacity

18.2 Ah lithium battery

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