Q3 Fat Tire Electric Bike

20 in Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fast Fat Tire Ebike – A 750w Electric Bike cranks its speed at 25 mph (35 kph) on flat or semi-gravel terrain commuter road.

All Terrain Electric Bike – 48V 750W powerful motor with versatile design, allow you ride on any terrain, harsh hill trails, cutting through sand or snow.

Wide Tire Ebikes – Q3 Electric Bike with 20 in * 4.0 Tires is designed for off-road biking to offer superior stability and natural suspension when riding on tough terrain.

Removable Battery E-Bike – Replaceable battery pack could be charged in or out electric bike, equipped with battery lock, waterproof of IPX4.

SHIMANO 7-Speed Gears – Reliable hybrid bikes provide accurate and smooth shifting capability, helps to tackle hills or flats effectively during riding.

Fun & Affordable – This powerful and affordable Q3 ebike is fully equipped for the city commuter, or explore further with ease on 20″ fat tires.


HX electric scooter speed

25+ KPH

Max Speed

fat tire bike wheel size

20 in*4.0

Fat Tire

HX Scooter range

40+ Miles

Top Range

250 / 750W

10 Ah / 7.8 Ah


HX Q3 Fat Tire eBike features a 750W electric motor and a 7.8AH detachable battery that can travel up to 40 miles with assist mode. You can either pedal and use battery power for assistance, or use only the electric and relax!  The eye-catching fat tire design for All-terrain cruiser.

The 20″*4.0 off-road tires plus front double-tube shock spring system protect you from bumps, ensure a sensitive response and smooth riding.


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Q3 Ebike Features


Q3 Fat Bike

Top Speed

25 Km/h


70-75 Km (Pedal Assisted Mode) / 35 Km (Full Electric Mode)


10 Ah / 7.8 Ah

Charging Time

5 Hours

Motor Power

250 W / 750W

Battery and Motor:
HX Q3 Fat Tire Ebike

7.8AH Plug battery with 750W motor, HX Q3 not only provides increased versatility, but also have sufficient power to a seamless ride. Perfect balance between performance and endurance.

Speed and Range: Q3 E-Bike

Fat Tire Electric Bike Q3 25 kmh (15 mph), HX Q3 promises a range of up to 40 miles with pedal assist mode.

Fat Tire: 20*4 Fat Bike 

Puncture resistant fat tires is natural suspension to have your weight equally balanced, thus providing more traction, better stability and smooth riding experience.

Versatile: Freedom of Mobility

This 750W off-road fat bike come with Shimano 7-speed rear gear allows a responsive ride when taking off.

*Recommended Rider Height > 170cm (5.5ft).


Q3 – 250W

Q3 – 750W

Frame materials

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy

Net weight



Rim size

20in*4.0 Fat Tires




Maximum torque



Battery capacity



Charger parameters



Max speed



Pure electric range



Power assist range



Climb angle



Max load



Riding mode

Cycling / Hall pedal assist / Electric

Charging time



Folding features

Pole folding / Seat adjustable

Seat height


Battery detachable feature

Push-in with mechanical lock


Front shock absorber

Brake mode

Front and rear dual disc brake

Assist mode

Hall sensor, 3 speed gears

Derailleur Gears

7-speed mechanical transmission system


Electric horn


LED light / Tail light

Protection leval


Experience the ultimate versatility and adventure with Q3 Fat Tire Bikes. Featuring wide tires designed to tackle tough terrains and uneven surfaces, these bikes offer unparalleled performance and stability. Whether you’re riding on soft snow, sandy beaches, or rough mountain trails, FatBikes excel in any condition.

Here’s why Fat Tire Electric Bikes are the ideal choice:

  1. Enhanced Stability: The wider tires provide excellent shock absorption and self-balancing capabilities, making them easier to ride for beginners and seasoned riders alike.

  2. Superior Traction: With their firmer grip, Fat Tire Bikes offer better traction on dirt, loose surfaces, and challenging terrains such as sand, leaves, branches, and rocks. Enjoy a safer and more confident ride.

  3. Versatile and Convenient: Fat Tire Electric Bikes are perfect for various outdoor activities, from daily commuting to thrilling adventures. They cater to riders of all ages and genders, delivering flexibility, convenience, and pure enjoyment.

  4. All-Weather Performance: These bikes are virtually weatherproof, effortlessly cutting through mud, beaches, and even snowy roads. No matter the conditions, Fat Tire Bikes are ready for action.

  5. Adjustable Air Pressure: Fine-tune your ride by adjusting the air pressure in the fat tires, customizing the level of comfort and grip based on your preferences and the terrain.

Embrace the thrill of outdoor exploration with a HX Fat Tire eBike. Discover a new level of adventure and freedom on every ride.

fat tire bike

750W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Double-tubed suspension fork, lockable shoulder front fork with 20″*4.0 fat off-road tire.

750W ebike equipped all-terrain fat wheels, this ebike can conquer all given surface with comfortable riding.

Removable Battery Ebike

750W electric bike with removable battery design as always in HX’s GIN.

Q3 ebike battery can be replaced and easily recharged at home, or elsewhere.

Ideal for an e-bike rider who needs a spare battery for longer trip distance.

removable battery electric bike
7 speed fat tire ebike

SHIMANO 7-Speed Gear

7-speed Shimano electric bike is powered by a rear hub motor, give you unparalleled control over HX Q3.

The best adult electric bike from the best electric scooter brand. 

Real-Time LCD Display

Easy read the speed / mileage / battery level, and speed mode while riding.

3-Riding Mode: Electric / Assist / Manpower.

Super bright frond LED headlights, 16cm disc brakes.

fat tire mtb

Reliable Quality

HX Scooter & Bike are trusted and recommended for its amazing design.

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